Why You Should Use a Golf Rangefinder

If you’re a fan of golfing and practice this sport as a hobby or as a professional, then you know how difficult it is to improve your handicap and get better at playing in general. Golf is a sport of patience and slow progress, so you have to be prepared both mentally and physically to practice it. Moreover, it is really not accessible to everyone, because you need both time and money to invest in this passion; access to equipment, gear and golf fields requires  exorbitant sums for most people, but for those who really love it, nothing is too expensive.

One of the things that makes golf so expensive for some is the fact that you need access to a practice range constantly in order to better yourself and keep practicing your swing. And then, when you’re on an actual field with changing landscapes and slopes and hills, you have to re-adapt your knowledge and modify how you play the game in order to get as near the hole as possible. One of the best golf tips for beginner players which applies to experiences players as well is to use a golf rangefinder. In case you’ve never heard of such a device before, let us tell you that it functions similarly to a pair of binoculars, except it can make accurate calculations of the distance between you and the target.

Benefits of Using a Golf Rangefinder

The reason why using a rangefinder is one of the best golf tips for beginner players is that it allows you to choose the right golf club for each shot. Golf rangefinders have lots of other uses as well, and they can help improve your game. First of all, they have lenses that can magnify the landscape before you with up to 7 times as much. The next thing they do is they locate the target nearest you, which in this case should be the flag pole; there there are other obstacles between you and the flag, like some trees or a fence, then you need to switch positions or come closer to the target; otherwise, a good rangefinder has no trouble locating the target you are interested in and pointing it out. Rangefinders function with a laser that traces the distance between you and the target.

By knowing this distance, you are able to calculate your swing, the type of club you’re going to use, the force of the strike, the inclination of the swing, and so on, thus coming closer to hitting the target. Some golf rangefinders even feature a slope mode that calculates the distance between you and the target by taking into account the changes in elevation between you. Thus, whenever you are at a distance larger than 15 yards from the target, the rangefinder helps you determine and calculate the distance and modify your play accordingly. A good golf rangefinder will make you better at golfing too.

The device gives you a  visual reading of its measurements on the lens; thus, you should look for devices with RED numbers, because they are easier to see when you’re looking at a green field. As you can see a golf rangefinder can be useful both for beginners and for experienced players. Prices can be a bit steep, but when you’re passionate about something that matters less, and a product like this truly is an investment in your progress.

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