Why should I buy Lexus es-350 as my executive car?

When running a business you are aware that you should drive an executive car, because it influences the way possible partners and clients see you. It is important to be considered a reliable businessperson, and your car will help you make a good first impression. Therefore, you should take a look on the market to see what options you have when it comes to executive cars. You do not have to buy a new vehicle, you can invest in a used one, because on the market there are many used executive cars that look and function amazingly. If you have no idea what car to buy, we suggest you take a look at the 2017 Lexus es-350, because it is considered one of the best vehicles when it comes to luxury cars. Here are some reasons why this Lexus is the perfect car for an executive.

It has a dynamic styling

If you take a look at this car, then you will easily notice that they considered a priority to create a car with a bold styling. It features an angular hourglass grille, with daring details in the front. This model is considered one of the executive vehicles that impresses with its simple presence.

It features up-to-date technology

If you get the new model of Lexus, then you should know that it comes with a digital tape deck. You will not have to use your USB music device or iPod anymore, because the technologies are integrated in the deck. Also, depending on the version you choose, you may even have an internet radio included and a Lexus’s Enform mobile app integrated. In addition, this model has a Remote Touch Interface, and it eases the access to the infotainment functions of the car.

It has a fuel-efficient and powerful V6

You can drive this car with 31 mpg on the highway, because it comes with 268 horsepower. This car is considered one of the fastest from the market, and the V6 demands no compromises. But when it comes to efficiency, it is as efficient as a modern family sedan.

Big back seats

The latest model of Lexus expanded the wheelbase with two inches, and this means that the back seats are larger. In terms of passenger space this model is considered a full-size car, because it offers bigger back seats than the smaller European versions. You can choose other cars, but if you know that you travel accompanied by your employees or partners, then you should purchase this one.