What is Strep Throat and How Can It Be Treated?

Strep throat is a medical condition that is very common in teenagers and school-aged kids. Still, it can appear at any age, as there are many adults with a weakened immunity system who can get sick very fast. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection that affects that throat and the tonsils, which means that it is very contagious. Therefore, those who are infected should take some time to stay home until they are cured, because that will prevent them from spreading the bacteria around.

How is it diagnosed?

The first signs that indicate that you deal with a strep throat are severe pain when swallowing, fever, red throat and tonsils, and white or yellow spots in the back of the mouth. Furthermore, there are people who experience headaches and stomach discomfort, which are symptoms that usually appear after maximum five days of exposure to bacteria. When these signs appear, you must take immediate action and see your doctor as soon as possible, because there is no point in waiting until you can’t eat anymore or get out of the bed. There are a lot of websites that can teach you to recognize the signs on strep throat so that you don’t confuse this condition with a plain sore throat and take immediate action. The best website about strep throat is probably http://www.strepthroatmd.com. Here, you can also find a lot of home remedies that can ease your pain. Nevertheless, you should always visit a doctor in order to make sure that you are indeed dealing with this condition and not a more dangerous throat infection.

Your doctor will to do an exam that allows him to identify the symptoms and make sure that you are not suffering from a different condition. However, you can also ask for a quick strep test that involves doing a throat culture to see if a strep bacteria is the source of your condition.

How is it cured?

Physicians prescribe antibiotics for curing a strep throat, but you can also help by drinking as much fluids as you can, and by adding more moisture into the air.  A humidifier will help you relive your symptoms faster, but more important it will help you recover faster.If you read the best humidifier reviews, you will see that some humidifier models feature special medication dispensers for volatile medication.

The humidifier can greatly relieve sore throat symptoms and it is of great use particularly during the night. Therefore, if you frequently suffer from sore throat, our advice to you would be to check out the best humidifier reviews right now and order one of these very useful devices.

Many people turn to natural remedies as a way to easy pain and eliminate discomfort, so you can also try to prepare special beverages with herb licorice, honey, and other ingredients that are known for soothing the throat. Keep in mind that as long as you have the specific symptoms, you will remain contagious. So, you have to make sure that you won’t meet with people before you’re cured. A very important thing that you must realize is that, left untreated, this disorder can lead to more serious health problems, including kidney disorders and rheumatic fever, and it can spread to other body parts. Also, consider to get a new toothbrush after your recovery, because the germs that exist on your old one could reinfect you, and you would have to start a new treatment all over again.

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