Unique Christmas Tree Decorations

Although there’s still quite enough time, Christmas is fast approaching, and we’ve got to start making plans for the holidays, make up a list with the Christmas dinner menu, discuss meeting with family and friends, and even start choosing some of those Christmas presents. Just as importantly, we have to decide on a theme for the Christmas tree, the most important symbol of this holiday; it’s hard to imagine winter holidays without a Christmas tree, because it sets the tone and atmosphere, and reminds us of the important sentiments surrounding it. In order to help you get ahead on your holiday preparations and plans, we are going to present you some new and unique tree decorations that you may purchase or make this year.

Although the classical Christmas tree is still the best version, trying some new things every now and then can change the pace and confer a better sense of renewal. It can also be a good idea to try some new decorations or approaches if you’ve decided not to buy a real fir tree this year; there are many alternatives as you might know, and some that you don’t.

Christmas Tree Versions

We all know the classical fir tree, and that you can purchase it in different sizes, depending on the size of your home, or its intended purpose. Unless you grow your own tree or own some in a public fir tree garden, it can be a more ecological and economical choice to opt for a fake tree; there are quite realistic plastic trees out there, and the advantage is you can choose an unnatural color, like silver, white or golden. For this winter, we propose the golden Christmas tree, decorated with only golden accessories and ornaments; your choices can be golden and silver tinsel, white or yellow Christmas lights, golden and yellow baubles, and paper flowers. As you can see in one of the photos here, the results can be spectacular and you can combine several nuances to obtain an overall golden tree that will light up your living room and bring the warmth of the most beautiful holidays of the year.

DIY Decorations

Another way to ensure that your Christmas tree is unique is by making your own ornaments and decorations. For instance, take this ribbon ornament seen in a picture here; all you need is some string, some colorful beads, and some ribbons. You take a string as long as you like, make a larger knot at the bottom, and make holes through the ribbon as you go, to wrap it over the beads; the results can be numerous, and it’s your choice how many you make. You can even decorate an entire tree like this. You can also make unique decorations out of buttons; you either use the same version described above except with buttons, or you can line them up on a ribbon like a bracelet and tie them with a big, Christmas bow. Because new ornaments can be expensive, you can also try to redecorate some of the old ones; take older baubles and glue buttons in various shapes and sizes on them; paint them over with silver and golden spray paint, and seal it over with hair spray. Let them dry over night and voila: new Christmas ornaments!

Unique Ready-made Ornaments

The Luxury Tea Bauble can be a lovely tree ornaments or an attentive Christmas gift; they look natural and pretty in the tree, and serve as consumable decorations. Returning to our earlier subject, if you don’t want to buy a tree anymore, you can use your imagination and create one out of almost anything; one of the photos here exemplifies an improvised tree, made from ornaments hung on the wall. You can use normal ornaments to create it, from baubles to tinsel and hung Christmas lights, but you can also make it out of anything you like, such as toys, small photos and paintings, bead necklaces, popcorn strings, and so on. Everyone should celebrate Christmas as they want, and express their joy for the season as they see fit.

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