Tips for Using the Sauna Safely

Many people enjoy using the sauna on a daily basis thanks to the benefits it has on their overall health. What many people ignore is the fact that the sauna can be dangerous if it’s not used wisely and that they have to take some measures that will ensure a beneficial and safe sauna use. The following tips are essential if you want to make sure you use he sauna safely.

Create the appropriate temperature

Each sauna has its using instructions, which mention which is the proper temperature for a safe use and most saunas don’t go higher than 90ºC in order to maintain a safety limit. However, the temperature must be adjusted according to your personal endurance to heat, otherwise you may feel sick. If the selected temperature feels uncomfortable, lower it until you feel at ease so you won’t experience nausea or dizziness.

Don’t exaggerate

It’s OK for you to use the sauna daily, as long as you don’t exaggerate with the time spent inside. If you decide to use it every day, limit the sauna sessions to 10 minutes and if you use it less often you can increase the time interval to 20 minutes at a time. Spending more time in the sauna doesn’t increase the beneficial effects, on the contrary, it can dehydrate you severely. It’s best that you use the sauna in rounds, but no more than three in a day in order to take the best out of it.

Consider your health condition

In case you suffer from a chronic disease or you have a history of intolerance to high temperatures, it’s best that you take some safety precautions or not use the sauna at all. If you suffer from heart conditions like angina pectoris, poorly controlled blood pressure, arrhythmia, advanced heart failure, or recent cardiac infarction, you should avoid using the sauna. Pregnant women and children should also skip using the sauna, as well as those who experience temporarily illness. In case you went inside the sauna and you start feeling ill, you need to get out immediately.

Stay properly hydrated

The whole time you will be spending inside the sauna, your body will eliminate fluids by sweating, which increases the risk of dehydration. Unless you restore the water level, you are prone to heart attacks, so make sure you drink plenty of water during the sauna session and afterwards as well. Don’t consume alcohol inside the sauna and don’t use the sauna if you have a hangover.

Cool down gradually

After you use the sauna, it’s best that you cool down gradually instead of jumping into a cold tub or going outdoors. Your heart can suffer from the sudden changes of temperature, which can lead to severe damage, so avoid exposing yourself to temperature shocks.

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