The ultimate guide to building a community in your neighborhood

Who wouldn’t like to live in a neighborhood where everybody is friendly with each other and where you can go out for a walk and engage in many nice chats with on the sidewalk with your neighbors? Moving to a new place and as weeks go by, you still cannot become friend with anyone living in your area because the neighbors are not welcoming at all will surely make you have second thoughts about your moving there. You absolutely need to start working on building a strongly bonded community that will improve your confidence that you have made the right decision by moving there and will change the neighborhood completely.

Say “hi” to all your neighbors

It might be difficult to start a conversation right from the beginning with a neighbor that you see on the street. However, making small steps towards it will take you there eventually. When you go out for a walk with your dog, to get your newspaper or to leave for work in the morning, say hi to all your neighbors that you see on the street. First of all, it is the polite thing to do when you see someone that you know more or less. Secondly, your neighbors will start to be more familiarized with you and starting a small chat when you meet at the supermarket in your area will be a lot easier for both of you.

Organize yard parties or activities

Once you have started to know a few of your neighbors, you can organize a yard party. A Sunday barbeque on which you invite the people living in your area will surely make you bond a bit more, and you will be able to have deeper conversations rather than the small talks on the supermarket. As well, when you see the neighbors that you still did not got the chance to talk at all, walking down the street, invite them to your barbeque. Another amazing event that you can host in your yard and will be a great opportunity to have fun together with your neighbors is to have a movie night. Invite everyone to bring their drinks and blankets while you provide the snacks and the relaxed atmosphere will be the appropriate environment for everyone to socialize and get to know each other better. Be friendly in order to gain friends!

Involve everyone in making decisions for the neighborhood

In order to create the sense of belonging, you need to make sure everybody gets involved in any activity or decision for your neighborhood. Whether it is an important decision about Byplanlegging that will influence how your neighborhood will look like, or a gathering such as a barbeque at someone’s house to have fun all night long, all your neighbors should be involved so that they do not feel excluded. In order to avoid any conflicts, you need to make surveys for essential changes that you are planning to bring to the area such as a Utomhusprosjekter, the construction of a new playground for your kids, or opening of a new club or bar.

 A bounded community has proven to positively influence many aspects of the people living in a neighborhood by improving the safety in the area and reducing the crime rates, creating a sense of belonging, and providing a physical and mental health boost.