The hardest choice: why mothers give up their babies for adoption

Giving up a child for adoption represents a difficult decision that comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. Apart from influencing the life of the biological mother and the baby, it also involves a healing process that has to begin before the actual birth. The most prevalent emotion during pregnancy is doubt, which sometimes appears even after opting for adoption. This is quite normal because the mother experiences a feeling of loss, taking into account that during nine months shared a deep connection with the baby in her womb. However, the mother feels more than just doubt and loss. Other common emotions refer to denial, sadness, anger, shame and finally, acceptance. Delaying reality represents the first attempt of the mother to defend herself against the negative feelings, particularly pain, which can also be physical, she foresees experiencing. Some mothers even act like nothing happened, which makes them seem heartless but in fact they are trying to hide the pain. However, since it represents the heartbreaking reality, acceptance is the only sedative and acceptance comes in time.

Lack of financial resources: the main reasons behind adoption

Even though biological mothers go through all these negative emotions, some people still consider them cold-hearted for giving up their own babies without even thinking about the reason behind such an important decision. The reality is that most women, regardless of the age, do not see their decision of exploring adoption agencies San Antonio as a spontaneous choice to give up their children without even caring about their future; on the contrary, they view it as a deliberate choice that will ensure them a better life. This obviously means that they are not capable or do not consider themselves capable of providing for the baby, which probably represents the most common reason for which new moms give up their child for adoption: they do not benefit from financial or emotional support from the family or the partner. In such cases, the mother strongly feels that another family with more resources could easily provide the life-changing gift of a home, which is exactly what a baby needs and deserves.

Other common reasons explaining the mother’s choice

Of course, the lack of financial resources and support is not the only reason behind the numerous adoptions. Other causes leading to such an overwhelming decision and daunting process involve having an abusive partner who might hurt the baby, religious beliefs, unplanned pregnancy, mostly experienced by teenagers who are not mature enough to raise a child, a child born with special needs, a mother suffering from addition or a baby that was conceived following a traumatic experience for the mother. The reality is that not all children are the result of a happy and loving relationship. Sometimes, women have to go through unimaginable situations and other times, they do not even have the possibility to choose if they can have a baby or not. However, they can choose to bring the child to the world and ensure a better life for him.