Systematic guide to winterizing your classic vehicle


People who own classic vehicles are fully aware that practicality does not represent a suitable word to describe their possession. Instead, they view the precious automobiles as an investment, which means that they created an emotional bond and they are willing to do anything in order to provide the necessary protection for their joy rides. If you recognize yourself after reading the small description above, then you should continue reading the article in order to discover valuable information that will maintain your car in perfect condition during the winter season. We assume that you are willing to invest in seasonal vehicle storage because it undoubtedly represents the most efficient and convenient solution. However, taking into consideration that the cold season is quite long and not driving the car for more than a month will take a tool on its integrity as well as the motor, you need to follow several steps in order to prepare your vehicle for the storage.

Start by filling the tank and changing the oil

Start by filling the tank but avoid using cheap gasoline because it could destroy the engine and you obviously do not want that. Premium gasoline represents the best choice, especially when it comes to vintage cars, which are more delicate. Make sure that you fill the tank completely in order to prevent rusting due to excess moisture accumulating in open spaces. Furthermore, you need to purchase a fuel stabilizer, which has the purpose to impede the fuel to harden taking the form of a dirty and greasy substance. Next, you have to change the oil and replace the oil filter. Just like cheap gasoline, old and dirty oil can lead to engine premature rusting. We strongly recommend you to drive the vehicle for a few minutes after making all these changes. We also recommend lubricating the cylinders and removing the spark plugs so you can store them safely.

Continue with the fluid and the car battery

Furthermore, you cannot overlook the tires, the fluids and the car battery. Replacing the tires can prove to be very expensive so you should preserve them properly during the storage period. Fill them up with air and jack the vehicle to relieve the weight created by the tires and suspension. Ensuring this support is crucial for avoiding flat spotting. In what concerns the battery, you should remove it entirely and examine it carefully. If it shows signs of corrosion, mix distilled water, petroleum jelly and baking soda to clean it thoroughly.  The car battery needs a climate-controlled environment so you should consider renting a climate-controlled unit. Explore storage units Courtenay and you will definitely find something adequate for your needs. In the meantime, you must check the antifreeze, transmission fluid and brake fluid.

Finish the preparation process with cleaning and waxing the car

Finally yet importantly, you have to take care of both the exterior and the interior of your vintage car meaning that you have to clean and wax it. If you skip this step, you will make yourself responsible of potential scratches or damage to the shiny paint of your vehicle caused by dust and debris. In addition, if you leave crumbs inside, this could attract pests leading to unpleasant odors.