Stylish Tower Fans for Modern Homes

Many appliances and home gadgets can be used as decorations that enhance the interior of your house thanks to their interesting and sleek designs. Besides being very efficient in cooling the air at home, the following tower fans feature elegant designs that make them more than a regular fan. Therefore, you can count on these stylish tower fans to become great decorations for your modern home due to their innovative aspect that makes them stand out.

IFAN Ultra Slim Tower Fan IF7100

This is one of the thinnest tower fans, measuring only 10 cm in width meaning you can place it even in the smallest gaps. The sleek white housing with LED touch screen control panel matches modern and futuristic interior designs. It has a slight oscillating feature, 3-speed control, a convenient remote control, and a washable filter for easy cleaning.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Discover this black plastic tower fan with a matte paint and stainless steel insertions to match elegant rooms. You will like the interesting shape curved at the top, as well as the wide sturdy round base for increased stability while the tower fan oscillates. It’s very easy to use due to the LCD display and easy to touch buttons, being a great choice for your home.

Oscillating Tower Fan by Ozeri

The distinguished modern look of this tower fan makes it easily noticeable and very attractive if you are looking for a stylish tower fan. It includes 3 independently working fans in the same structure, a 90-degree oscillation, a touch sensitive LED control panel, and a remote control for ease of use.

Vornado 184 V-Flow Whole Room Tower Fan

The stylish design of this tower fan is not only an aesthetic detail but also one that increases its performance. The uniquely contoured air outlets maximize the air distribution without the need for an oscillating feature. What seems like a spiral skyscraper is actually a metallic tower fan designed to offer maximum convenience while being elegant, just perfect for a modern home.

Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool Tower Fan

According to the website and numerous customer reviews, the Dyson tower fans are the most efficient fans of the moment. This particular tower fan is the most interesting and elegant example that complements a futuristic home interior design. It’s made of a shiny metal in various combinations of colors to match a variety of room decorations. The interesting shape is what really makes it stand out, as it doesn’t have blades like the other tower fans. Instead, it blows air through the annual aperture that circulates the air using a patented technology that makes it safe to use around children. Plus, it creates both hot and cool air, so what more could you ask for?

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