Stop playing it safe: infuse personality into your living space

How do you feel when you step into your home? Although every room is commodious, the bland tones, the massive pieces of furniture with clean lines, the neutral fabrics, the sad empty walls and the lack of artwork or any other decorative elements represent silent creativity killers that alter your mood without you realizing it. Such a clean and simple décor is more than suitable for people who do not benefit from a generous budget in order to go wild with their living space or for those who willingly choose to play it safe, but not for you. Insightful and inspirational, governed by feelings and impulsive, it would be a shame not to showcase that unique personality. Of course, you can keep the coziness of your interior space, but you can definitely play with furniture arrangements, different shades, patterns, scents, accessories and lighting. Moreover, you can donate or throw away certain old-fashioned items and bring something new to the table – something more contemporary.

Banish the feeling of loneliness by enhancing those empty walls

Do you know how many options you dispose of when it comes to decorating empty walls? From creating wall paint patterns or a gallery wall to adding a new fresh coat of paint or installing wall murals, whether you hire a professional or you challenge your inner artist, you can definitely pull off an eye-catching look that highlights your personality. If you stored valuable collectibles during all these years, now you can display them so that all your guests can admire them. Art is very personal so if you have or you find a painting that draws your attention, do not hesitate to purchase it and put it on the wall for everyone to see. The price matters the least; it can be the cheapest painting that you own, if it sparks emotions then it is more than perfect for your new home décor. Apart from your collectibles, you should also dare to showcase your achievements, whether we are talking about diplomas, awards or trophies. These items remind of an important part of your life – when others recognized your work.

Play with other elements inside your personal living space

Do not resume to the walls because you can also rearrange the furniture in order to make the available space more functional, but also more interesting and captivating. Add sentimental pieces, such as treasured memorabilia or those tickets that got you and your friend to that popular music festival, place fresh flowers into a vase with water on the coffee table in the living room – your favorite flowers -because the scent will undoubtedly influence your mood positively by inducing you a feeling of happiness as well as personalized mugs and do to forget about those silly yet funny pieces that cheer you up. Furthermore, you can put colorful fluffy pillows on the couch and scented candles in the bathroom. After creating this personalized living space, own it. Do not worry about other people’s attitude or opinion regarding your interior décor and your choices.