Spring Nail Designs

The nails are a person’s business card and people are often judged by the way their nails look. In order to make a good impression, you must have a neat manicure, with tidy nails and for a bigger impact you can choose to paint models on your nails. Since spring is taking its place in nature, you can opt for beautiful spring nail design and you can get some inspiration from this article.
Your hands are always in sight after winter is gone and you are done with the gloves, so you should make sure your nails look good. Clean them, remove your cuticles and improve their aspect with cute models painted in nail polish. If you are not a gifted designer, you can use stickers and stamps or call for the help of a professional nail technician that will surely create a work of art on your nails.

Rainbow nails

During spring, you get a lot of warm rains and the rainbow artistically comes out afterward. To maintain that fresh feeling, choose to paint your nails in rainbow colors and any color combination will definitely look good on your nails.

Easter nails

The Easter is the main event of spring and you can decorate your nails with Easter items, from cute little bunnies to fluffy chicks, or paint your nails as Easter eggs.

Colored french manicure

Give up on the regular white french manicure and use stronger colors for the tips of your nails, or combinations of pastel colors that will make your nails look like candies.

Dots and lines

If you like your nails painted in one color, you can add a little fun to your manicure with the help of the dots or lines in different colors.

Fruity nails

From watermelon to cherries and strawberries, make your nails look deliciously good by painting fruits on them. Just make sure not to bite your nails.

Flower nails

Since spring is the season of blooming flowers, you can transpose that on your nails and decorate them with beautiful and colored flowers resembling a precious spring bouquet. Roses, waterlilies, daffodils, hyacinth, dandelion and the list can go on.

Small insects

Ladybugs and butterflies will look great on your nails and will add a touch of joy to your aspect.

Pastel colors

If you are not a fan of nail paintings or your job does not allow you to wear fruits and ladybugs on your nails, you can still opt for a spring nail design using pastel nail polish. Depending on your mood and the rest of your outfit, choose shades from pink to yellow, beige, sky blue or green.

As you can see, these nail designs are not only adorable but also very easy to make. If you want to discover more cute nail design ideas, visit the checkmynails.com website as it is an endless nail art source of inspiration.

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