Skills you need to be a pro 5-aside player


When thinking of 5-aside football you either consider it a simpler version of traditional football, or you see it more complicated, because you have not practiced it since your childhood. Well, the fact is that it is not a complicated game; you only have to understand the rules, and play a few times with experienced people. You will understand it better while on the field. But, you cannot become a professional player and join one of the 5 aside tournaments in London, if you do not have some essential skills. This sport confronts you with constant decision making, so while on the field you will train not only your body, but also your mind.

You need speed

When it comes to having speed, we are not talking about running on the field. You have to react as quickly as possible to the things that happen during game and to understand what is happening there in order to make a move. Your brain has to transmit to your body the decisions, and your body has to react, so speed of thought is crucial in this game. You will improve this skill by playing, everything is on how you work with your reactions.

Ball skills are important

Have you ever wondered how good the quality of your play is? You understand if you have this skill since early childhood. But if you do not have it, you should not worry, because you have the possibility to improve it by playing regularly. You will learn in time to use this ability in an intelligent way.

You have to have an eye for goals

This is one of the skills you will improve while playing, and you should not expect to have it from the first game. You will score how much you want to do it. You should take a moment and think if scoring is so important, or you practice this sport, because you like to be involved in an activity that clears your mind and trains your body.

You need passing ability

When on the field you do not have much time, so you have to be confident in your ability to pass the ball to a fellow. Intelligence is the key to this ability, so you should use it when you have to decide whom you will pass the ball. If you have the ability to pass the ball, then you are on the right track.