Should you volunteer or donate funds to local charities?

Philanthropy, also called fundraising, consists in giving others your time and money. Even if you are pondering now the possibility of donating money or volunteering, you should know that at some point, you would probably end up doing both. Charitable contributions, regardless of their nature, are equally helpful. The simple fact you thought about ways to give back to your community show that you truly care about needy people while proving your generous character. Furthermore, you should ask yourself, what type of organization would judge you for choosing one option in the detriment of the other? The truth is that any organization would be happy to receive a small part of your time or money because it really does make a difference for those who ultimately benefit from your kind-heartedness.

Donating funds to local charities or sending them directly to needy people

Sometimes, people have to make a choice due to their circumstances. For instance, if you are short on money, then volunteering becomes the only solution left for showing your support. On the other hand, if you have to manage a busy schedule, then writing a check and making sure that your money go to those who really need help and financial support is faster. Both of these actions represent signs that you care so you should not be so hard on yourself in what concerns your decision. As a donor, you can apply for local charity funding and if you want to make sure that nobody uses your funds selfishly then sending the money directly to the helpless might be the wisest step. If you trust local organization, then donating to a church or school is also a viable option. You should never believe that you are not giving enough. Even though successful business owners or even celebrities donate massive amount of money, it does not mean that your monetary contribution does not cause happiness for the organization or those who ultimately receive your help. You can donate as much as you can or want. In fact, some people even donate food, clothing articles, shoes, electronics, hardware and books.

Volunteering allows you to help need people regain their hope

If you have time to spare, then you should consider volunteering. You are definitely familiar with the saying “time is money”, which means that time is a valuable resource or in this case, contribution. Every organization out there would give you a warm welcome for your assistance because they need your time as much as they need your money to continue running smoothly and efficiently. Volunteering give you the possibility to get close to the recipients, namely those needy people. Writing a check could never give you the same feeling of satisfaction that you get when you interact with good-hearted people. From children and elders to battered women, you can use your free time to improve their life. They will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts. In fact, you can also become an example for your family and friends. Maybe they will follow your lead and make the community a better place.