Sex Addiction – When to Seek Professional Help

Accepting that professional help is needed in any area of life is often very difficult. In terms of accepting and seeking help for what can be a case of sex addiction, it is an entirely more problematic topic to broach. Not only this, but as there’s in a technical sense still no such thing as a clear diagnostic approach for identification of cases of sex addiction, it could be one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose and address.

Interestingly though, the nature of sex addiction is such that a lot of the initial diagnostic method will always come down to personal acknowledgement and identification of suspected issues. It is one thing to seek professional a Kent counsellor for addictions, but as only you know truly who you are, what you consider normal in a sexual sense and how you behave, you’re technically the best individual to decide where and when professional assistance is required.

So while identifying sex addiction may never be even close to exact science, there is a number of symptoms and signs that can indicate a case of sex addiction.

Sex Partners

For instance, it is one thing to be a consciously promiscuous person with a desire to have sex with as many individuals as possible – it is something else to find yourself sleeping with more individuals than you ever had the intention to. Curiously, while it might be the former that would more often than not be labelled sex addiction, the fact that the person in question is doing what they’re doing deliberately shows that they still have control over their actions. By contrast, people who are routinely having sex with large numbers of individuals despite the fact that they’ve no intention of doing so might indicate a harmful compulsion.

Failed Attempts to Cut Down on Sex

The same is also true for anybody who makes concerted efforts to cut down on sexual activities or in some way change their current behaviour. Being to some degree preoccupied with sex on a regular basis does not necessarily constitute sex addiction. Instead, it is generally acknowledged as a symptom of sex addiction when a person finds it impossible to fulfil their self-made intentions to reduce sexual activities or the way they treat sex in general.

Neglecting Different Pursuits

Something else to bear in mind is if and when life in general, especially the things you previously had an avid interest in, begins being neglected as a result of your pursuit of sexual activities. There will always be those for whom sex is perhaps the most important thing in their life and there is technically nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between people who get incredible satisfaction and pleasure out of sex and people who simply engage in sexual activities at the expense of everything else, without getting any pleasure out of it.

Porn Obsession

While it is important to realise the fact that porn addiction is different to sex addiction, the progression of an obsession with pornographic content can in its own right be something of a sign of sex addiction. Once again, the crucial thing being identifying when and where such activities are engaged in compulsively and with no real gratification being gained, as opposed to enjoying what you’re doing.

Business or Domestic Issues

Another very common sign that a sex fixation is becoming a harmful addiction is when problems begin to develop both in a person’s work and personal life. If for instance important duties at home or in the office are often neglected or general family and workplace relationships begin to suffer, sex addiction can be the root cause.

Self-Loathing or Shame

There is also a crucial difference between having satisfaction from engaging in a sexual activity across the board and experiencing a general sense of shame, self-loathing or embarrassment over the kinds of sex acts you’ve participated in. Where and when the sexual activity you’re engaging in is triggering such kinds of feelings, it’s clear that you’re not participating in these acts because you wish to, but rather because you feel strongly compelled to.

The good news is that in the large majority of cases, sex addiction responds incredibly well to therapy and a variety of treatment approaches. It is relatively easy to allow sexual activities to take control over life in general – realising where to draw the line between healthy sex behaviour and potentially harmful sex addiction being of crucial importance.