Questions you should ask a future nanny

In recent times, finding and hiring a nanny in most elite cities such as London can be a meticulous and mind draining procedure. Lots of thoughts come to mind in the course of this process – whether the nanny will be taking care of your child in your presence or absence, this process should not be handled with levity. Some mothers feel this process is too rigorous and will rather use a nanny agency in London. Before you contact that nanny agency in London or post your adverts for a nanny, make a rundown of your desires and think about them to know whether they are realistic.

The objective of your interview isn’t to interrogate her on children’s development (however that is very vital), rather question her on things that will assist you with understanding her qualities and become acquainted with her. Think about it in a way that your nanny doesn’t need to astonish you in the first meeting to be a stunning nanny to your kids. To avoid going through all of these, a simple solution is hiring a London nanny agency.

Here are some of the vital questions to ask before you hire that nanny:

  • Tell me about yourself and your experience as a nanny: The first thing that comes to mind is the background of the individual. With this question answered, you will have an idea about her personality. Her experience so far is also very vital – how long she has stayed with the past families and how many families so far with the roles she played in each family. Your nanny ought to be alright with you contacting her references.
  • What are your favorite activities with children? Having knowledge of your to-be nanny’s favorite activities with children will enlighten you on the probable activities your child will be involved in when you are not around. This is the perfect time to put a stop to those activities you deem unwanted for your kids.
  • What is your knowledge on safeguarding, child protection and first aid? In the occurrence of a mishap or domestic accident, you would want to know what would be done to help your child if you are not around. Some nannies are well experienced with safeguarding a child and basic first aid practices while some others are very careless with children. Your nanny needs to be aware of child protection; your child’s safety needs to be her priority. Safety of your child is of utmost importance.
  • How would you deal with discipline and giving positive guidance? You need your nanny to play a part with your training desires and techniques. Your nanny should approach discipline in an extremely positive way so your youngster learns and comprehends that actions have outcomes. She would need to direct your tyke to indicate love, regard and look out for people and the surroundings.

These questions are not exhaustive but are believed to set a good base for selecting someone capable of taking care of the kids. If you are ever in London and need the services of a nanny you can use a nanny agency in London to save you the stress.