Practical Appliances for Small Kitchens

Small kitchens are often difficult to decorate and equip because there is not enough space for everything you need in here. Fortunately, you can find in stores a wide range of practical appliances that are efficient and easy to use but require fewer storage spaces than the larger models, which makes them great for small kitchens.

The over the range microwave

If you don’t have enough counter space to store all the appliances in your kitchen, but you don’t want to give up on the comfort they provide you, a good idea is to find other places to install them. The over the range microwave solves your space problem as it can be installed in the top cabinets, right above the stove. Besides being a great microwave that fulfills all the tasks of a regular oven, the over the range model also works as a venting hood due to the fans it contains. Therefore, you will enjoy the multiple benefits of this unit that allows you to save counter space and eliminates the food odors from your kitchen while cooking your food perfectly. You can discover some amazing over the range microwave ovens on the website.

The food processor

An appliance that cuts, chops, mixes, blends and smashes the ingredients is a great help in the kitchen and eliminates the need of storing multiple machines on the counter. Therefore, a food processor is what you need in a small kitchen to help you prepare your ingredients and cook the food without taking too much of the storage space you have available. Although it can serve many purposes, this appliance is not bulky and it will not make the kitchen look cluttered because it is small enough to place it in a corner and use it anytime you need to.

The breakfast machine

All your family members have different tastes when it comes breakfast and a machine that does many things at the same time is a true help and a space saver in a small kitchen. The breakfast machine can make eggs and bacon, toast, waffles, and coffee at the same time, meaning you will not have to use multiple appliances and utensils and you will have breakfast finished very fast.

The portable dishwasher

A dishwasher is an appliance that usually takes a lot of space in the kitchen and those who have small kitchens can’t place the large dishwasher in there. Luckily, now there is the portable dishwasher that can be stored elsewhere and you can bring it to the kitchen only when you need it. There are also the drawer models that fit your cabinet drawers to make sure you have plenty of space in the kitchen without giving up on the comfort of the dishwasher.

Programmable coffee maker

If you are not a morning person, perhaps you would find it easier to wake up if you would smell a delicious cup of hot coffee. And no, this doesn’t mean that your significant other is already up and preparing breakfast. It just means that you have a smart coffee maker, which can be programmed in advance to start brewing coffee at any desired time.

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