Places to Visit in Bologna

If you lack inspiration planning your next romantic getaway, there’s one country that you can’t go wrong with: Italy. This country amasses some of the most spectacular beauties on the planet, both natural and man-made; its cities are filled with history and culture, the food is always great, the people friendly. It can also be hard to choose out of the many great locations, but to help you we’ve picked one of the most beautiful and interesting cities, Bologna. Located in the Emilia-Romagna Region of Italy, Bologna is the most populous city there, it serves as an important cultural and artistic hub, and is one of the world’s principal attractions due to a great collection of architecture, and being tied to an important artistic history.

History and Romance

Thus, if you’d like to visit a piece of history, and feel like you went back in time, this citadel is a perfect choice. Commonly known as “the erudite, the red, and the fat”, these descriptions refer to Bologna’s Universities, which are amongst the oldest in the world, to its lovely red rooftops, and to its incredible taste for gastronomy. What could be more romantic? But before we lose track of descriptions, let’s see what are the most important places you should visit while there. First of all, there is the Piazza Maggiore, located in the center of the town and a place where you get the best feel of the city’s life; what makes this Piazza special are all the medieval buildings surrounding it, the spectacular churches and cathedrals, and the palaces, such as Palazzo del Podesta, or Palazzo dei Bianchi, which you shouldn’t skip visiting.

Located right in the Piazza is another major attraction, the Basilica of San Petronio, which is the fifth largest church in the world, and the most important religious site for all Bolognesi. Its architecture is very strange; although the last of Gothic style churches in Italy, you can see new architectural influences taking over as well. The interior is even more spectacular and adorned, so don’t hesitate to visit it.  The next highlight on your list is Asinelli’s Tower, which you can’t miss, as it thrones over the entire city; the structure is actually represented by two towers, which were built in the medieval era, and which served both civil and military functions.

Because you’re in Italy, lots of the important places to visit will be churches, but their architectural and cultural value is real, so visit them by all means. One such example is also the Basilica of Santo Stefano, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita, or the Santuario di Madonna di San Luca. Don’t miss out on the numerous museums, such as the Museum of the History of Bologna, the Museo Ducati for sports bikes lovers, or Museo per la Memoria di Ustica. All in all, there is plenty to do in Bologna; remember that Italians really care for appearance, so you can also spend a great day shopping, interrupted by pauses in some of their many restaurants and pastry shops.

If you will enjoy your visit to Bologna, and you want to discover more great places to visit in Italy, we recommend Rome and Verona. On you will find two comprehensive travel guides for these amazing destinations that will help you make the most of your trip there.