Pet Friendly Interior Design Accessories

Pets are part of the family and pet owners are ready to do anything for their little animals to be happy. Changing the design of your house and incorporating pet friendly accessories into it, can turn out to be an excellent decision for both you and your pet. Given the fact that the most common pets are cats and dogs, here are some pet friendly interior design accessories that will make your pets happy.

Keep your pet happy

Special pet friendly interior designed accessories will satisfy your pet’s needs, will ease your life and keep the aspect of your furniture. Take for example the scratching post for cats, which stops your cat from ripping your furniture, sofa and walls. This item consists in wooden boards and several tubes covered in rough carpet and it is perfect for your kitty’s desire to scratch, allowing it to clean its claws, climb on the boards and even sleep there. Dogs are playful animals and enjoy spending time with you and play fetch, so a fetching flying disk or a ball is more than enough to keep your dog happy. Chewing is also a dog’s hobby; therefore chewing toys are indispensable if you want to save your furniture from your dog’s teeth. Cats and dogs enjoy grooming, so a brush or a grooming glove is the perfect help to remove falling hair from the shedding animal and helps you interact with your pet and bonding with it.

Sleeping time is the best time

Every cat and dog likes sleeping in the bed or on the sofa, but the best thing to do is get them their own bed, so that they don’t take over yours and fill it with hair. A soft and comfortable pillow or a thermal mat to keep them warm is everything pets dream of. Pet beds don’t need to be common and boring, you can choose a burger shaped soft bed, or a king size bed with side tables that can carry the food and water bowls.

Maintain your pet’s hygiene

Cats like to be clean and use their own special toilet, called litter, which is a tray filled with sand. You can find chic colorful trays and mask them inside a wood box that you can place in your bathroom, or turn it into a side table and even put a flower pot or several magazines on it to create pet friendly interior design accessories. Dogs usually go out for their physiological needs, but if you live in an apartment, or it is raining outside, you can install a special toilet for your dog too, consisting in an absorbent rubber pad covered in artificial grass that will attract your dog to use it as if it was real grass.

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