Nissan Leaf

If we ever have to consider the importance of electric cars, then we can surely state that they are the cars showing us how our future should look like. And if you are among those who search the sites for information about the top cars or top brands that offer them, ten you should definitely find out that the 2011 World Car of the Year was the fully electric cars – Nissan Leaf.

Apart from being a fully electric car that reduces pollution and replaces the traditional cars with high carbon emissions engines, there are another important things you should know about this type of car. The first thing is that this car is manufactured from different recycled materials that come from home appliances, plastic bottles and some old car parts. Thus, this car represents an amazing and innovative model of electric car. Fortunately, there are more and more people who choose to go green and protect the environment any way they can and taking into account this fact they will surely appreciate and want to buy a model of car that alongside the fact that it causes no harm to nature it also uses recycled materials. And apart from the hybrid electric cars, this car model causes no air pollution as it is a fully electric car. The good thing about this car is that you don’t even need to keep track of how far you should go or when you should re-charge the automobile in fact you don’t need to worry about nothing when using this car as it uses the latest IT software for connectivity and wireless control. The information it displays on the monitor you will find on the dashboard will provide you with all details you want to know and show you the way to the closest charging station. And if you think that this is all, think again as the amazing electric car Nissan Leaf is featuring a service that allows you to use your mobile phone to check the status of your car electric battery and even some other car functions like climate control.

Nissan electric cars are affordable and perfect for busy people as well as for those taking care of their family. They are also very comfortable cars featuring five seats and have a nice design.

And if we think about the inconvenience that other electric cars have regarding the fact that they are extremely quiet, the Nissan Leaf has the advantage of emitting a sound to help pedestrians hear it come on the street.

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