Methods to increase your intelligence

If you feel like you’ve reached a point where you no longer expand your intelligence, you are in the right place. It is not uncommon to feel this way, and many people struggle with finding activities that can offer them a chance to develop further. Intelligence can be increased as long as you choose the right habits and you invest your time properly. Here are some ideas on how to do it:

Engage in new activities

The reason why people feel like they don’t learn anything new is the obvious one: they don’t engage in unfamiliar activities. Leaving the comfort zone and seeking novelty is not easy, especially for people who are scared of failure. Investing time and resources in new activities that may turn into beautiful hobbies or generous sources of information and experiences can’t go wrong. This is why you need to start seeking out new activities to try every day. Learning how to play a musical instrument, signing up for a new class, going to a museum you’ve ignored all your life, learning a new subject in school – no matter what option you choose, you expose yourself to new information which is the exact environment that promotes increasing intelligence.

Challenge yourself more

You will notice that handling new activities is not easy and the usual response is giving up. Instead of doing that, push your limits and become proficient at what you enjoy doing. By keeping your brain challenged through effort, new neural connections are made. Biologically, you are expanding your intelligence and keeping your mind active. A lazy brain that gets used with day-to-day activities will learn new things much slower. An active brain that is used to challenges will be faster and always prepared for learning.  

Examine other perspectives 

If you used to read only belletristic literature, switch to technical books. When your brain gets used to something, you no longer assimilate the information in the same manner. It becomes a routine and your brain is not challenged in any way. Focusing on something else and examining new perspectives is another way to expand your intelligence. Read academic work with complex references, read bachelor papers, PhD papers and anything that goes beyond your reach. Read students’ notes with famous authors like Martina Sumner UF that abound in technical terms. Besides the fact that your vocabulary will become better for sure, you will gain new insight about topics of interest.  

Think creatively

Engaging in creative tasks is a popular form of expanding intelligence. By making connections between various ideas, you activate both your left and right brain hemispheres. This is another biological effect that helps your intelligence to grow. Alternate between conventional and unconventional thinking and avoid focusing on one single mentality. Being emphatic had also proved to be a good modality of brain training. Exposing yourself to all sorts of situations that require creative thinking will keep your mind active and open to think in new manners.