Matching Appliances with Kitchen Furniture

Furnishing, equipping and decorating a kitchen is a lot more complicated than it may seem, because you have to take a lot of aspects into consideration. The size of the kitchen is also an important factor that determines whether you make compromises or not, and influences you to decide on certain choices, such as giving up on the idea of having a complete set of appliances. Moreover, there is the ever-present question: how do I match appliances to my kitchen furniture? And there are many other questions to answer, but hopefully in this article you will find answers to most.

Color Matching

One of the first concerns when refurbishing or constructing your kitchen is whether the appliances and kitchen furniture have to share the same color. The general answer to that is that it is mostly a matter of taste; but there are some guidelines you should take into account, and which will lead you towards a better decision and result. For instance, getting to know the product market well can help you plan and organize better; dishwasher reviews and other appliance ratings will give you an advantage because you will be conscious of your limits, which are imposed by budget and market offer. That being said, in some instances, choosing same-color appliances and furniture can be a very good idea; they create the impression of unity, and can make for a very professional-looking space. For instance, such a choice can look very good in large kitchens, and in smaller kitchens. The latter situation actually recommends that you opt for same-color appliances and furniture, because a combination of too many colors can make it look even smaller than it actually is, and create a claustrophobic atmosphere. However, there is a way around that, by choosing two complementing colors that make up most of the decor; thus, you won’t infringe on the sensation of space by choosing white furniture and green appliances, or the other way around.

On the opposite end, a very large kitchen can be made to look more cozy and welcoming by insisting on color. There are also two more common choices: white and black appliances. While to some white appliances may look outdated and uninspired, the truth is they can look amazing in the right setting; thus, if you opt for colorful cabinets or wooden paneled cabinets, white appliances can look really great. Black appliances are also elegant and powerful; however, they will look better in a large kitchen with light-colored furniture, so they don’t narrow the space visually. At this point, you must also consider your own preferences. Do you want the appliance set to be visible, or do you want it to stay relatively unnoticed in the overall picture? The following lines will clear that out. There are also some more luxurious brands which offer a wide variety of colored appliances. However, keep in mind that these brands will not be able to satisfy all of your appliance needs. For example, most people use a portable dehumidifier in the kitchen. These dehumidifiers are usually white and bulky and can’t really be hidden. As such, they would look a lot better if the rest of the kitchen appliances were also white.

Brand Matching

Another question a lot of kitchen owners ask is whether they should purchase the full set of appliances from the same brand. And the truth is that ideally, a kitchen can look much more professional and elegant with matching appliances, but this also means way higher costs. First of all, you would have to opt for a brand that manufactures only quality products, whether they are refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, toasters, coffee makers and so on. And there are indeed some brands like that, such as Bosch, but there are also other brands that produce professional and semi-professional appliances; you can just imagine their prices.

As such, for those who cannot afford to empty their accounts for these appliances, the solution is to do a lot of research. By reading lots of refrigerator and dishwasher review, you can stumble upon products that resemble, and that are qualitative and worth their prices. Another solution is to group the various appliances, and combine two or three brands; for example, you can purchase larger appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator and stove from the same brand, so they match, and smaller, counter-top appliances like electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster or microwave oven from another brand. An interesting option here are retro-looking appliances, which are very popular now, and are made by brands like Smeg, Elmira,  some DeLonghi collections, and others. These can become focal points in your kitchen, and serve a decorative purpose as well. However, as we mentioned above, keep in mind that these less than ordinary appliances won’t match the rest of your smaller appliances. Brands such as Smeg and DeLonghi only focus on big appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers but don’t have any air purifier or portable dehumidifier models. Not everybody uses these devices but those of you who do, might want to avoid sophisticated appliances which are hard to match.

Finally, there is also the option of choosing panel-ready appliances; you can purchase these while you are planning your kitchen furniture, and ask for customized panels that will hide them from view and mask them behind doors like those of the cabinets. This too is a costly option, because brand manufacturers of panel-ready appliances know this is in great demand, so they up their prices accordingly. If you take this path however, be careful about the colors you choose, or the wood nuances you pick, because this method is not always the safest way to ensure a kitchen will look great and professional.

These being said, remember that while design matters, the features are the most important characteristics of the appliances. If you can’t find affordable panel ready appliances or you cant find a good refrigerator and a good dishwasher from the same brand, don’t worry to much about it. In the end, the biggest design feature is the color and nowadays, the best refrigerator 2015 models come with several finish choices. Generally, you can choose between white, black and stainless steel but a few brands also offer a wider variety of choices. So, if you already bought a dishwasher and can’t find a refrigerator from the same brand, at least look for the best refrigerator 2015 models that come in the same finish as the dishwasher.

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