Making the Big Move: Tips for Moving in Together

Waking up every day with the person you love may seem like the best thing that could possibly happen to you, right? Well, things may not go exactly the way you expected them. Sure, it will be all fun and games, until one of you did not take out the garbage or the other one takes up too much closet space. Moving in together is a serious step and can make or break your relationship. You have to consider the other person’s needs and habits and find a way to merge them without breaking the harmony. Here are some tips that you should both consider when making the big decision:

Set Up Some Rules

Who’s taking out the garbage? Who’s cooking? Who’s doing the dishes? These questions need to be brought up before taking the big step, to avoid unwanted fights over the smallest things. Sit down and discuss how you are going to divide your chores. Split the daily duties according to your schedule and decide what you can do together. Maybe set up a day each week, where you can both clean around the house, do laundry and go grocery shopping. Find out what each of you likes and start from there. If you find something none of you likes to do, learn to compromise, because that’s the key for a healthy relationship.

Make Room for Each Other

Compromise comes in again when deciding what stuff to keep and what to put away in storage or discard. Whether one of you is moving into the other one’s apartment or you decide to get a new place together, you’ll both have to let go of some stuff, to make room for the both of you. Get together and evaluate all of your stuff. You won’t need two sofas, but what should you do with the stuff you’re left with? Decide what you need to throw away, what can be repurposed or sold and what needs to be stored. Having a storage unit to deposit both your stuff is a great option. You can search online for different options in your area, like this option for self storage Vernon has to offer.

Create A Budget for You Common Expenses

Talking money is never easy, but you will be thankful for doing this in the future. Plan your monthly budget and decide how you are going to split it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 50-50. Work together and find the best option for both of you. Maybe one of you earns more and decides to pay more for utilities, or the other one has another financial obligation and has to set some money aside for a while. There is a solution for everything, if you communicate and agree on this from the start.

Set Up Your Personal Spot

Having your own little space to do some work or simply relax is key. If you can’t afford to have a whole room for yourself, like a personal office, you can set up a corner in your apartment with your desk and favorite chair. This will feel like your safe spot, a place where you can retreat and enjoy some alone time. You can set up a rule with your partner so that when any of you is in their personal spot, that means you need time for yourself with no interruptions.