Locks that improve the security of your apartment


Underestimating the importance of home security is the biggest mistake that you can make. Crime rates have increased in Inner West, Sydney, and burglary and criminal trespasses take place every minute. Just like any major city, Sydney too has its dark side. If you live in an apartment, you are at an even higher risk of burglary and intrusion. It is difficult to observe strangers, not to mention that you cannot make changes to detection zones. What can you do? Locks are the only line of defence you have. To protect your home and family against burglary and intrusion, replace your existing mechanisms. When discussing with an Inner West locksmith, you will no doubt be asked what kind of locks you want to have. When it comes to increasing your property’s security level, there is an array of options. Although there are many types of locks, the following ones are the most impressive.

Chain locks

The front door does not only serves as the main entrance for your apartment, it also offers excellent protection against burglars and intruders. But what if someone knocks unexpectedly on your door? You will have to open it and find out who it is, which is risky to say the very least. Criminals gain entry by posing as legitimate visitors. They force their way in and nothing you can do can stop them. By answering the door, you put yourself at risk, especially if you live in the Inner West metropolitan area. Well, not if you have a chain lock. A chain lock allows you to communicate with individuals and exchange objects, without having to fully open the door. You just put the chain on and open the door at a crack.

Swing lock

Another good way to increase the security level of your apartment is to have a swing lock installed. A swing lock secures your door while at the same time allowing room for viewing and ventilation. It acts like a backup to your door’s main grip and allows you to speak with anyone who is on the other side of the door. Since the mechanism cannot be opened with any other key, you and your family are completely safe.

Locks for sliding doors

Sliding doors are beautiful, functional choices for apartments. Until not long ago, they were seen as impractical options. Nowadays, many Sydney homes include them in their renovation plans. Securing your sliding doors is a must. Thieves target sliding doors due to the fact that they are easy to open. What you need to do is have your sliding doors equipped with locks. Sliding door locks are enough to discourage even experienced thieves.  

Window locks

Securing your windows is just as important as securing your front door. Window locks will make your apartment too much work for average burglars. The main benefit is the reduction of break-ins. Almost 60% of break-ins are throw a window, so you can imagine that you enjoy a high level of security. The greatest thing of all is that window locks are not expensive. In fact, they are affordable and readily available in DIY shops. A window lock is simple to install, but you should better let a locksmith do it.