LiftMaster 8500 – The Ultimate Garage Door Opener

We all want to spend our hard worked money on quality products, and when it comes to garage door openers, there is no other model that can compare to the LiftMaster 8500. The LiftMaster 8500 is produced by the Chamberlain Group, and it comes at the affordable price of $400, being the best garage door opener available. If you don’t believe us, you can compare it with other competitive products. For that purpose, peruse the website, where you will find informative reviews that will help you compare the key features of the best garage door openers. If you are interested in buying the Liftmaster 8500, read the following lines to find out everything there is to know about this model.


The LiftMaster 8500 offers powerful performance, and it’s a reliable and durable garage door opener due to the P3 motors is uses, which are specially made to be used in garage door openers.
It’s very quiet, eliminating the sounds and vibrations it produces through the ceiling, being the perfect addition for any home that has a room above or in proximity of the garage. Also, this garage door opener gives you 200 watts of light with its adjustable remote light which can be delayed to start whenever you want, making it easier for you to see when you come back from work and want to park your car.
One of the best things about the LiftMaster 8500 is definitely the warranty it comes with. This amazing garage door opener has a five year warranty for the parts, and an outstanding lifetime warranty for the motor.


This garage door opener is specially designed for garages of all types, no matter if we are talking about the classic garages, or about garages that have very low and obstructed ceilings.
It adapts to changes in weather easily due to its electronic limits and auto force, it meets all the UL325 requirements, the Battery Backup makes it possible for you to open the garage automatically even when the power is out, and it has the Smart Garage Door Opener which allows you to have a keyless entry from the MyQ control panel, or to electronically program additional remotes.
The safety features of the LiftMaster 8500 are the Security+ 2.0 which allows you to enter a code to the opener through a certain clicking pattern, making you the only one able to open the garage door, the Protector System which projects a light beam across the garage door opening to prevent it from closing if it is interrupted by anything, the Power Lock Deadbolt which ensures that the door cannot be opened by force, and the Motion Detector which activates the opener’s light as you enter the garage.


When you buy the LiftMaster 8500, you buy the door opener itself, and in addition you get the MyQ Control Panel, the Premium Remote Control, the Remote Light, the Power Lock, the Protector System, and the Cable Tension Monitor. In addition, there are optional accessories which you can buy if you want any of them, like the EverCharge Standby Power System, the Single-Button or the 3-Button Remote Control, the Wireless Control Panel, or the Wireless Keyless Entry System.

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