Lawn Maintenance Tips

Everybody wants to have a beautiful lawn outside their house, but many fail to take care of it properly and end up ruining it. A healthy and well-cared lawn looks smooth and has an intense green color that shows a proper maintenance and special attention from the owner. Therefore, with extra care and the help of some maintenance tips, you can take care of the grass that beautifies your yard and you can enjoy it for a very long time.

Prepare the soil

The soil where you are about to plant the lawn has an essential role in keeping a nice aspect of the grass and it is the first thing you have to prepare. The pH, or the level of acid in the ground, is important in knowing whether or not the soil is good for growing plants and you can test the pH by taking samples to the agricultural university of your state, or you can buy do-it-yourself tests. The next step is to deeply clean the soil from old roots and weeds by scrapping off the top inches to make sure there are no weeds growing there. Then use a rototiller to aerate the soil and to improve the water drainage and add some compost to the soil to make it more productive for the grass. All these steps are best done before planting the seeds, because once you get to that point, there is no purpose in noticing that the soil is not airy enough because there will be nothing you can do about it.

Plant the right type of seeds

The type of seeds you choose for the lawn is essential because there are various types that match various types of soil. The grass seeds contain a blend of varieties that are suitable for your climate and your type of soil, mixed into a pulp of wood fibers, fertilizer, and agents that will help them stick to the soil.

Give the grass a fine cut

Mowing is a maintenance part that has to be done carefully if you want to keep a healthy aspect of your lawn. The lawn mower is the best machine for the job because it will achieve a nice and even cut of the grass very fast and with minimum effort from you. The lawn mower features a deck that can be adjusted to various heights so that you can select the height of the grass. In order to find a good lawn mower, check out some reviews on, and compare the top-rated units. The list by containing the most efficient gas, electric, push behind or riding lawn mowers will help you find the right unit that will give your grass a new aspect and will keep it neat. Use a good lawn mower to do the job and raise the deck to the top height so that you will only cut the top third of the grass. Most people think that cutting the grass very short will help them cut it less often, but this is wrong because the grass will renew itself very fast and the frequency of mowing will be the same. Besides, a short grass will allow the sun to penetrate to the roots and dry them, so make sure you keep the lawn a little taller.

Water rare and deep

Watering is essential for any type of plants, but for the lawn, in particular, as it will need plenty of water the first days after planting the seeds. You will have to water it every day for about 10 minutes to help the seeds get fixed in the soil and once the sprouts are out you will have to water the lawn once a week, but very deep. Soaking the soil with water every week will make the roots extend deeper into the soil and the result will be an evenly grown grass that will look perfect.

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