Is anxiety affecting the way you learn?

Studies show that students are experiencing an epidemic of anxiety. One of the main factors that are determining this condition is the school. When it comes to anxiety associated with school, the solutions are not easy to find. Parents struggle to find out if their children have a predisposition to anxiety, or if the classes are the ones that cause them anxiety feelings. In order people to not be affected by the effects of anxiety on long term, it is important to diagnose and treat the disorder as soon as possible. Anxiety does not discriminate, countless factors can trigger it. Every fear a person experiences can transform into anxiety. Anxiety has effects on their interactions with other people, on how they express their feelings and on how they learn. 

Anxiety makes students feel uncomfortable at classes

When a student is fighting depression, they have problems in remaining concentrated. Because they are constantly distracted by their feelings, they are not able to learn the same way their colleagues are doing it, and they feel frustrated. Because they are not able to maintain their concentration, they are not able to learn.

Anxiety affects students’ memory

In order students to learn their classes, they have to use their working memory. If they feel anxious for long period of time, their working memory is affected and they are not able to use it to remember their classes. If they are not able to remember short passages of information, they will definitely have difficulties in getting good marks.

Anxiety makes them feel less efficient

If they are distracted and they are not able to focus, they will only intensify their anxiety. Anxiety is the type of mental disorder than can make students falling behind their classes. Their anxiety paralyses them, and they do not even consider the option of getting help.

It is difficult to detect anxiety in students

If you are a student and you are struggling with symptoms you do not understand, then there are great chances you to suffer from anxiety. In the early stages of the condition, you may consider that it is something normal you to have fears, and to experience moments when you are not able to focus on your classes. But, if this condition is consistent, then you should talk with your parents and teachers, and ask them for help, because if anxiety is affecting your learning, it can slowly take over other aspects from your life. Figuring out what is bothering you is the best solution.