How to Stay Warm During a Winter Boiler Breakdown

Every person experiences at least once in a lifetime problems with their boiler and most of the times these problems tend to appear during winter. Because of the cold weather, the boiler has to work extra hard to maintain a constant temperature and this is when it breaks. Fortunately, most problems can be fixed with just one visit of a specialist, but what do you do until your boiler repair services fix the problem?

The first thing you should do is not panic. Call your specialist and follow his directions or wait for his arrival. Many people are tempted to try and fix the problem themselves, but only end up creating more problems in the process, which in turn cause the repairs to take even longer. Someone qualified to fix your boiler will asses the situation and determine what needs to be done. After having called the boiler repair services, the next step is to try and retain heat as much as possible. Depending on how busy the repair company is, it could take a few hours before a representative can reach you. In the mean time, keep your curtains closed and place something around your windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping through the various cracks. When the boiler functions, one does not realize how much heat can be lost through those small cracks around every window and door.

Those who have an alternative heating method can save energy by only heating the rooms where they spend more time in, such as the bedroom and the living room. Why spend energy to heat up the hallways, when the majority of your time is spent in the living room? If you do not own any electric heaters, you can always ask a friend or a neighbor if they have one they can spare. Of course, this is a measure you only need to take if your boiler requires extensive repairs and cannot be fixed from the first visit of the repair company. The best way to avoid getting in this situation all over again is to make sure you hire a specialized company to repair your boiler. Experienced engineers can asses any situation and determine what the problem is. In addition, they will also offer you tips on how to prevent any problems in the future and what to do when something unwanted happens.

These are the main things you need to do when your boiler breaks down in the middle of the winter. While the temperatures in London may not be as low as they are in other parts of UK, this does not mean that staying with a broken boiler for more than a few hours is a desirable situation. If the repairs seem to last longer, these simple solutions will help you stay warm during the cold season. Since every boiler has its unique features depending on its maker, it is important to leave the task of repairing it into the hands of a specialist and not take it upon yourself to solve if, because you risk doing more damage than good.

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