How to dress up your walls with art prints

You want to fill a lot of wall space and you have no clue about what to do. Finding inspiration is not easy when you are starring at empty large walls. If you want to say goodbye to those barren, plain walls, use art prints. With wall art, you can transform your house into a home. Art prints will instantly bring life to your walls. They infuse warmth as well as style. If you have a dime to spare, you should buy art prints Australia and decorate your space. It is affordable and easy. Here are a few tips on how to decorate with wall art.

Use the rule of threes

The guideline of threes should always be on your mind. When you go shopping for art prints, look for collections of artwork realised by the same artist in a set of three. Generally, three make it a collection, while two is just a couple. What you need to look for are limited edition works from artists like Delphine LeBourgeois or Kristjana S Williams. With just three art prints, you can create a home that is interesting and has visual depth. As a matter of fact, you can make various arrangements and display schemes with three matching pieces of wall art. Just make sure that you have a uniform look.

Create and define the focal point

When you walk into any room, the first thing that you should notice is artwork. What do you do if you have a fireplace? Since the fireplace is always the focal point of the room, you need to make sure that the art prints are the same size as the fireplace opening. Stick with one large piece or, as mentioned earlier, a collection of three.

Do not forget about adequate placing and height  

When hanging art on your walls, you need to pay close attention to placing and height. As a rule, wall art looks best at eye-level. The standard rule of hanging at eye level can be a little bit confusing. If you want the artwork to be seen from the hallways or the entryway, place the prints so that they hand at 60″ to 66″ inches from the floor. However, if your walls are really tall, you can go even higher. To make sure that you have the right height, hold the wall art against the wall and see how it looks.

If you have art prints of different sizes, try asymmetrical lacing. More precisely, arrange the wall art in such a way that you achieve a balance. Although it may not be easy, you can achieve a balanced look.

Choose unconventional art prints

Who says that art prints have to be boring? Sure, there are many commercial designs available, but you should get unconventional art prints. Unconventional alternatives make your home more appealing and they diverge from normal, expected.  This is what they do. The point is that you should be original. This is the best approach for decorating blank walls.