How to create breath-taking art using ribbons

For hundreds of years, ribbons have been associated with the fashion and clothing industry, mainly because their first application was to adorn the garments of noble men and women. In time, their utility in decoration and DIY began to be noticed and now they are used to wrap presents, decorate homes and generally add an extra touch to otherwise simple objects or gifts. However, how many of us know that ribbons can be artistic elements? Lately, the definition of art has changed quite a bit, steering away from its conventional interpretation. Paintings and sculptures have kept their statute, of course, but now art is available in many forms. Artists can express their views on life with plenty of ingredients other than watercolours, ink and clay. In fact, ribbons can help create stunning works of art that send a beautiful message. So, if you’re an artistic soul and you’re looking for unique ways of expressing yourself, you could start to buy small ribbons and learn how to add them to your projects.

Most people are sceptical of what ribbons can achieve in terms of artistic purposes, but they’re actually a great way of telling a story and triggering feelings into the eyes of the watcher. For example, one of the most impressive examples of ribbon art was given by artist Anne Patterson, who used no less than 20 miles of ribbon to decorate Grace Cathedral. The result was awe-inspiring: hanging from the ceiling, the multi-coloured ribbons created a marvellous effect and the lighting that came from the windows added even more colour. Of course, the project was quite massive and required a lot of resources. However, if you’re interested in the artistic potential of ribbons, but you’d like to start slow, you can buy small ribbons and use the creatively. For instance, you can use ribbons in combination with drawings or paintings: draw an intricate epoque dress and, instead of paining it, add some ribbons to it. You can do this with just about any drawing, or you can incorporate them into a painting frame. The same thing can be done with flower drawings: ribbons achieve an interesting 3D effect, add more dimension and you can use them as decorations afterwards. Photo inspiration is your best friend when it comes to such projects, so check out the collections available on websites such as Pinterest.

A cute idea is to make ribbons shaped as animals – it’s a bit like origami, but you don’t have to worry about damaging the material due to folding and unfolding. Besides, this is also a great way of having fun with children. Needless to say, these artistic ribbon projects require both creativity and resources. Your average department store won’t have ribbons in large rolls or in various materials, so it would be a better idea to go on the Internet to shop the things you need.

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