How to Choose Between Different Types of Pool Cleaners

When it comes to pool cleaners, there are many options to go with. If you don’t know what the right one for you is, read the following lines and see what all of them have to offer to make up your mind easier when you buy the much needed pool cleaner to take care of precious pool.

Manual pool cleaner

The manual pool cleaner is a vacuum specially designed to handle the pool. Run it over the pool floor, walls and steps, and it will suck in all the debris it finds.
It’s a good choice if you have enough time on your hands to clean the pool yourself, and it’s cheap as well, costing between $100 and $500, as opposed to other pool cleaners that can run up to thousands of dollars.
In addition, by using the manual pool cleaner you get to do everything to perfection, because you can go back to clean any spot you missed without it being a big bother.

Suction side automatic cleaner

To deal with fine dirt particles, like sand for example, choose a suction side automatic pool cleaner. This model connects to your skimmer, using your pool filter to move around. A suction cleaner can cost between $200 and $500, but it’s worth it, doing the job wonderfully.

Robotic pool cleaner

The robotic pool cleaners are the most revolutionary pool cleaners, because they clean it up for you. You don’t have to put any effort when cleaning with a robotic pool cleaner, your only concern being to empty it of dirt when it builds up. If you peruse some robotic pool cleaner reviews, you will see that most of these devices work for both in-ground pools and above ground pools. Moreover, they have an impressive suction power and can handle all kinds of dirt and debris.
If you want to have fun with your children, you can get one that is controlled by a remote, and clean the pool while driving it together, pretending like you’re racing.
When it comes to the cost, they are by far the most expensive pool cleaners, but it’s normal because they spear you of any effort. According to many robotic pool cleaner reviews, a basic model costs around $500-$600, but if you want a model with additional and useful features, it can cost as much as $3000.

Solar powered pool cleaner

While this type of pool cleaner will not clean the bottom of your pool, it’s ideal if you are only concerned by the leaves and debris that are on the surface of the water.
It costs around $500, and it doesn’t consume any electricity, because it gets its energy from the sun, and it runs around the surface of the pool eliminating any dirt it finds.

Pressure-side pool cleaner

If you have large debris, a pressure-side pool cleaner is the best option for you. It sucks the dirt into a bag after it cleans the surface of the pool using the water pressure to roll over it.
It costs around $500, and it can last up to 10 years, making it a good investment. In addition, if you want, you can go for a model that doesn’t use a motor, but relies on the water pump for its power, being an environmentally friendly pool cleaner.

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