How to Achieve Long, Luscious Lashes

Having long, luscious lashes can make the eyes bigger and more beautiful, which is why most women use mascara, eyelash curlers and other beauty tricks to enhance their eaves. However, these tricks can damage the lashes, so we recommend you to find a safer solution for improving your aspect. Giving that mascara can clog the skin pores, it can dry out the hair follicles, so sooner or later, your lashes will fall out. Therefore, the best way to make your lashes longer and fuller is to search for natural remedies.

Use a natural eyelash growth serum

This type of product is very simple to use, as all you have to do is apply it like you would normally apply an eyeliner. More important, it can help your lashes grow longer and stronger without causing any side effects, so it can offer you only advantages. A natural eyelash growth serum can work miracles for someone with short lashes, because it can show results in just a few weeks. So, if you are tired of using mascara to lengthen your lashes, you can replace this beauty product with a more effective solution for enhancing your aspect. Unlike mascara, an eyelash growth serum can offer you long-lasting results, so it can turn out to be a great method of improving your entire appearance. You can discover more natural ways to enhance your eyelashes by visiting On that website, you will also find reviews of the best lash growth serums on the market.

Eat foods that will make hair grow faster

The cells that are responsible for long, strong lashes require a balanced diet in order to function properly. Just like the skin and the nails require certain foods to stay healthy, the hair also depends on ingredients that contain nutrients and vitamins. So, here are the main foods that you should include in your diet to stimulate eyelash growth:

  • Salmon, oysters and eggs

Salmon contains protein, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which are the main promoters of hair follicles growth. Therefore, including fish in your meals can help your lashes grow faster and healthier. Furthermore, since oysters are rich in zinc, you won’t longer have to worry about your eyelashes falling out anymore. Still, if you decide to start eating oysters, we advice you to avoid the ones that came from the Gulf of Mexico, because they might have been contaminated by oil spills and other water pollutants. Eggs contain a high level of biotin, which is a great hair growth enhancer. To be more specific, the yolk is the one that is rich in biotin, so it is a great source of nutrients that can make your lashes longer and thicker.

  • Yellow peppers, sunflower seeds and sweet potatoes

What most people don’t know is that yellow peppers contain almost 6 times more vitamin C than oranges, and since vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it can strengthen the hair follicles and prevent breakage. Furthermore, sunflower seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E, which is known for enhancing blood flow, and for encouraging faster eyelash growth. To complete your list of foods that can make your lashes grow faster, we advise you to consider sweet potatoes, because they can supply you with beta carotene, which is a great hair growth promoter.

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