Homesickness – how to get rid of it when studying abroad


College is one of the most wonderful experiences in a teenager’s life, since there are numerous things that happen during this period that actually help them grow and develop. However, it is well known that most teenagers who decide to study abroad leave their homes at early ages and most of them suffer from homesickness from the very first day they arrive at their new student accommodation Newcastle. Here are some great suggestions on how to avoid feeling homesick.

Decorate your room in a way that represents you

You were used to your room back home, where you had everything you need in the right place. Well, once you move abroad, you have to start all over again with decorating the room, whether you decide to live in a student dorm or to rent an apartment and live there with some of your friends. Make sure you decorate the room in your own unique way that makes you feel comfortable and that reminds you of your room back home, since this way it will be easier for you to get accustomed to your new host country. Decorate the walls with photos of your family and friends from back home in order to feel closer to them all the time, even when you do not talk.

Install apps that allow you to communicate with them

With the Internet at your fingertips nowadays, it has never been easier to keep in touch with your loved ones, although you are thousands of kilometres away from them. Make sure you have apps such as Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp installed before you even depart, because these are going to be your best method to communicate with family and friends from home. Besides, these apps are also much more cost-effective compared to making international calls.

Get to know the region as soon as possible

From the very first day of your arrival to your new host country, it is recommended to go out and explore the city. Getting familiar with the locals and with the neighbourhood helps you a lot and the sooner you do this the better it will be. Take your room mate or your friend and start wandering the streets together in order to see where the closest shop, restaurant or bar is, what the most popular local tourist attractions are located and so on.

Overall, these tips should help you overcome homesickness and make studying abroad the best experience of your life.