Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

You can choose to entertain your family and friends by throwing a party on Halloween, where you can ask everyone to show up dressed in Halloween costumes. But to create the perfect ambiance, you must decorate the place with typical decorations that will match the festivity. To help you choose and create the best decorations, here are some ideas of Halloween party items that will create a spooky mood.

Spooky doors

To introduce your guests in the Halloween spirit, you must start by decorating the doors. Black garlands made of feathers are great for a Halloween décor and you can decorate them with spiders and fake eyeballs. Another awesome idea is to use red paint that looks like blood and write “GO AWAY” on the door to scare the kids who come for candy.

Carved pumpkins

Pumpkins are the most common Halloween decoration and you can use them in almost any purpose, from lanterns the door steps to scary heads at the windows and candle holders on the tables. You can carve them in any shape you want, with funny or angry faces or with writings like “Trick or treat” and place candles inside them or place one over the other and create pumpkin people.

Haunted yard

A great way of decorating your yard is to create spooky ghosts and place them here and there. You can use balloons with helium and cover them with white sheets and draw angry faces on the sheets. Another idea of creating yard ghosts is to use chicken wire and mold it in the shape of a dress to resemble a woman figure. Balloons covered in white cloth are great for hanging inside the house as well.

Faces trapped in jars

Glass jars and bottles make excellent Halloween decorations if you paint eyes and teeth on them, put candles inside them d place them on the steps or on the window sills to make it look like someone is secretly watching with spooky eyes. Also, you can use tin cans and make holes in them to let the light come out and place candles inside to create semi-darkness and shades.

Themed party

If you want to create a special party décor, you can ask everyone to dress in a specific way and create a themed party. For example, you can decorate your house as a cemetery, with tombstones and skeletons and ask your friends to come as zombies, skeletons and mummies. Or you can place spiders, ghosts, bats and black cauldrons around the house and make it look like a witch house.

These decorations are spooky and easy to achieve. Nevertheless, don’t you get carried with the decorations and forget all about your costume. IF you are looking for some creative costume ideas, visit greathalloweencostume.com. There you will find both scary and funny costumes.

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