Decorate your house using Christmas ribbon

Many people consider Christmas to be the most joyful period of the year and everybody is trying to show their enthusiasm not only through the gifts they offer, but also through the manner they decorate their homes. Each year, the fever of the season gets to all of us, regardless the age, and the stores speculate this, so the market is invaded by themed adornments. However, if you want to be original, you can try some DIY decorations – there are plenty of tutorials on the internet, they will not take too much time and also help you save some money. The trends are changing very fast in terms of ornaments, and lately, more and more people have started to use ribbon to create decorations. If you want to have a unique decor these holidays, you can buy Christmas ribbons and use them in various places of the house. This inexpensive and easy to use material could end your struggles and help you obtain the look you want for your home.

To begin with, the Christmas tree, which is the central element of the holiday and thus requires special attention, can be adorned using ribbon. You can try to create a cascade (by hanging simple or curled ribbon combined with sparkling fringe), criss-cross style (this is an elegant choice and will give the tree a dense aspect, so no other ornaments are needed) or if you are more courageous, replace the traditional star with a huge and shiny bow. There are many ways in which this unusual decoration can be used on the tree, and all you have to be careful about is that in the end, it matches the style and palette of the rest of the house, and also reflect your own style and personality. Furthermore, ribbon can be used for the staircase: just wrap it around the railing and add some bowls or stockings, for the chairs and table sitting and also for the front door or gates. It is nothing easier than doing a ribbon wreath to properly welcome your guests in the winter season. Since Christmas is the time for giving and receiving, presents are everywhere and it is needless to mention how important ribbons are for a neat aspect.

The offer on the market is so various that you can choose any colour palette, texture or type of material (wired or simple). In order to avoid the house looking dull, choose a strong colour (and the traditional red is perfect for the occasion), but make sure it is not too stuffed and kitschy either, so decide upon a theme for the entire house. After choosing a certain style, it will be easy to find a supplier and purchase what you need according to your expectations and budget.  Use some simple DIY tips to create the most original decor and transmit the happiness and spirit of the holidays.

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