Decorate Your Home in the Glamorous Hollywood Regency Style

If you are tired of simple, minimalist remodel ideas and you are looking for something more luxurious, you should consider a regency interior. The Hollywood Regency style was born the the Golden Age of Hollywood, when starlets like Joan Crawford ruled the big screen. In fact, she was one of the first adepts of this style, brought to life by designers like Dorothy Draper and William Haines. They created glamorous furniture pieces and with them brought about a new decorating style, one that represented a luxurious lifestyle, and was therefore easy to identify with for movie celebrities and well-to-do people in general. What’s interesting however is that this style, which was so entrenched in the period’s style, is still popular today, and quite increasingly too. This design stile can incorporate many wonderful home decor ideas living room, but it can be suited for the rest of the house as well.

A Glamorous Come-Back

You should know that these glamorous home decor ideas living room don’t come cheap. In order to create a home in Hollywood Regency style you would ideally need original pieces, such as those created by Haines and Draper. However, today’s style can be achieved with other items as well, which are not necessarily designer-made. This makes the style more approachable by people of various conditions, so you don’t necessarily have to spend more money than usual to achieve it. In fact, it is precisely due to this renewed popularity that an industry of Regency-style furniture has emerged, allowing customers to purchase seemingly luxurious items at affordable prices. Thus, you can even browse websites like eBay for furniture and decorative items in this style, and manage to decorate your home quite authentically.

Elements of Hollywood Regency

Glamor, luxury and glitz are three words that can define the Hollywood Regency remodel ideas; think back to the early 20s and 30s, and you get a picture of what the style is. This is a very confident, albeit a bit extravagant style, mixing authentic china with modern pieces of furniture, art deco, and even antiques. What you must have in mind are the following: bold patterns, either on the walls or furniture upholstery, plush carpets and rugs, crystal chandeliers next to a mid 20s century floor lamp, and very bold colors: deep blue, purple, bright pink, red, green and obviously, golden. If you’re dramatic enough, you can even combine all these, but you can also pick a one-two color scheme and go with it. An important element of this interior design style is the lack of highly modern features. This means that all appliances must be either hidden or customized. Luckily, there are numerous websites that teach us how to incorporate modern home improvements in our homes’ designs. Here, you can find numerous such home decoration tips.

Finishing Touches

It has to be said though, achieving this style is by no means easy; not just because you may have trouble finding the right pieces, but because it can be confusing to mix them in a proper manner if you don’t have a knack for decoration. Yet if you’re willing to invest in this style, it may be a good idea to hire an interior decorator as well; other than that, good sources for furniture in this pretentious style are works by contemporary designers like Kelly Wearstler. Other keywords that will help you pick the right items are: fringes, patterns, bright colors, lacquered furniture, mirrors and crystals, precious chinoiserie items, and frills. Refined taste is a must for Hollywood Regency, and finally, a most important detail, the furniture has to be small; and by that we don’t mean miniature, but rather on a smaller scale, and it should only seem like another bit of decoration for the overall style, fading in the background, and even being in similar color as the walls, though not mandatory so.

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