Creative House Improvement for Seniors

As people become older, their needs and demands change. With age, skills like mobility and visibility start to degrade and it becomes harder and harder to reach for an item placed on the top shelf, or under the furniture. Therefore, a few changes are required in order to ease the life of our elderly, without ruining the aspect of the house.

Safety comes first

If your elderly family member lives alone or spends a large amount of time alone, install in their house a medical alert system which will allow them to call for professional help in case of a health issue. You must also assure the doors and windows open easily, so that the old person does not have to make big efforts to open them. Electrical cords should be placed out of the access ways and rugs should be inserted under the furniture or secured to the floor with grip tape in order to prevent tripping.

Regarding the furniture, wall mounted cabinets should be placed at a comfortable distance, so that old people won’t have to stretch very much in order to reach an item and the objects that are used often have to be placed within reach.

The stair lift is of real help

If your elderly family member lives in a house with several floors and he has to use the stairs, you should consider installing a stair lift, which is a mechanical device with a chair or a lifting platform, that you attach to the stair rail. This device lifts people up and down the stairs and is of great help for the old people that have problems climbing stairs. Modern stair lifts can have many features such as adjustable seat height, call stations, folding steps, speed adjustment, seat belt, soft start and soft stop. If you are considering buying such a device, visit stair lift reviews site in order to find the best model for your home. On a stair lift reviews site you will be able to see the pros and cons of each model so that you can compare several models and determine which one suits your needs.

Secure the bathroom and kitchen

Pipe links are dangerous because water on the floor is slippery for everyone, especially for old people, so make sure there are no water leaks at the sinks and the bathtub. You should also provide the tile floors with non-slip mats. For those who hardly bend down or for people in wheelchairs, the sinks and toilet seat should be installed at accessible heights, and handrails are very helpful in getting up and down or in and out of the tub.

Lighting is very important for seniors

Old people have sight difficulties, therefore lighting is crucial in their home in order to avoid tripping and falling. Install as many lights and lamps as necessary in all the pathways and especially on the stairs. Sensor light switches can avoid blindly looking for a light switch at night and remotes or voice-activated lights can help seniors moderate light levels or turn the lights on and off without having to get out of bed.

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