Choosing the Right Home Accessories – Simple Tips

The difference between a house and a home is in the details; when you’ve finished decorating your house by painting the walls, choosing and placing the furniture, adding the fixtures, and all the main things necessary, you’re still quite a long way from making the place your own. In order to call a space our home, we need to feel “at home” in it, which means it has to be suited to our tastes and preferences. This is done through details, or home accessories, such as vases, lamps, paintings, and any other items you may think of. Yet if you find it difficult to tell what you really need, or how to enliven a corner of the house, a sofa area and so on, we can help you structure your interior designs ideas and bring inspiration to life.

First Steps

Before doing anything else, you should think about a color scheme; you may have already done this when furnishing the house, in which case you want to at least stick close to that. Because we are amateurs and not professional interior decorators, it is also best to stick to a maximum of two or three colors, and work on nuances of these colors in order to create variety and depth to the style. For instance, you can choose color schemes like the following: white-beige-green, orange-red-brown, blue-green-white, and so on. Contrasting colors, such as blue and orange, could be more difficult to combine successfully, but if you have a knack for this sort of stuff, you can still achieve good results. What matters is that you opt for colors you like, that represent you and create the sort of atmosphere you feel comfortable with.

Combining Items

The next step is to go out in search of the items that will decorate your home; following your color scheme, go and purchase the elements you need, such as pictures, vases, throw pillows, statuettes, lamps, lighting, drapes and curtains, and even smaller pieces of furniture, like stools, small drawers, tables, and even utilitarian objects that have an aesthetic purpose as well, like a record player or a storage jars for the kitchen. Decide which corners or spots in the house need to become focal points, using them to delineate spaces or draw attention on a certain area. Try to avoid symmetry, because it is not always the most successful option, and may look worse than an asymmetrical focal point. The home decorating items you choose should represent you, so if you like books, go all the way with them and focus less on other decorative objects.

Put it Together

Focus your attention on one place at a time; you can start with simpler, more obvious places, such as the coffee table, the fireplace or the hallway. Look at the table and figure out what’s missing: place a vase, and next to it, a stack of magazines or books, a small statuette, etc. The fireplace can be a great spot to place candle holders on, but you can also use it to highlight a favorite painting, or some family portraits. What about that bare shoe cabinet in the hallway? It could be sparked up by adding a collection of small mirrors above it; on it, you can also place framed pictures, and next to it, a lovely coat hanger with amusing hats on. An umbrella stand is not only a practical element for the hallway, but it can also become a decorative one. These are just a few simple interior designs ideas ideas that should get you going; try following these steps, and even if you don’t see the big picture at first, it will slowly start to take shape, and you will notice the difference between an empty area and one that is decorated with items that represent your personality.

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