Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays of all times. In fact, it is safe to assume that Halloween poses a serious threat to the so far undoubted popularity of Christmas. If you too are crazy about this holiday, we have some amazing decorating ideas for you. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about money, as our decoration ideas will cost you close to nothing.

1. Garbage bag spider webs

This Halloween decoration is very cheap but it does require a bit of skill. You take a big trash bag and trim of its side so that you obtain 2 rectangles. Cut each rectangle into two squares and fold each square into a triangle. Next, use some scotch tape on the edges of the triangle in order to hold the layers together and cut the triangle into round, one inch bands. If it doesn’t turn out like you expect it to, simply use scotch tape in order to put the plastic bands together in the shape of a spider web.

2. Cheesecloth ghosts

For the next decoration, you will need some cheesecloth, a bottle, a small ball, a 3 feet of wire and starch spray. Put the ball on top of the bottle in order to create a sort of figurine, secure it with wire and extend the remaining wire outwards as if it were the hands of your figurine. Cover the figurine with the cheesecloth, spray it with starch and allow it to dry. When it is dry, carefully lift the cheesecloth which will now be hardened in the shape of a ghost. Complete the ghost with dark or googly eyes made of paper.

3. Head in a jar

In order to achieve this spooky decoration, you will need a profile picture and a frontal picture of a person. The two pictures need to be molded together. Use Microsoft Paint in order to mirror the profile picture and put the face picture in between the two profiles. Laminate this picture and put it in a jar of greenish water. This will create the illusion of a head in a jar. This decoration is guaranteed to scare off a few trick-or-treaters.

4. Mummy mason jar candle holders

The next Halloween decoration should not take more than a few minutes. Take some plain mason jars, wrap them in cheesecloth and stick some googly eyes on them. It may not look like much but if you put some candles in them and turn of the lights, they will look really cute and a tad spooky.

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