Car Races – At the Edge Between Life and Madness

People nowadays are overly concerned about safety. Despite the fact that there are countries in the world where the standard of living is almost non-existent , most of the world has it pretty good. Perhaps it is this constantly rising comfort which makes us pretty scared of dangerous endeavors. This applies to most people. However, even in these modern and highly safe times, there are still some daredevils out there, people who are not scared of adrenaline but who live for it. We are talking about race car drivers. These are the people who buy a radar detector the minute that they also buy their first car because they know they can’t resist the urge to push that gas pedal.

The early years of car races

There has always been a touch of illicitness in car races. We can trace this illicitness to the early years of car races. Believe it or not, the reason why car races appeared was alcohol. This may come us a shock but it is completely true. During the prohibition era, alcohol smugglers who were on the verge of being caught had to race the police cars in order to escape. Since cars were pretty basic back then, smugglers came up with ways of enhancing their cars in order to make them faster. These were not only the beginnings of car races but also the early years of car tuning. People were pretty inventive back then and had radars been invented in that era, we are pretty sure that the smugglers would have also invented radar detectors.

Where does the need for adrenaline drive us?

Most men are passionate about cars and by default, they are infatuated with car races. However, few have the nerve to pursue such a career. Another reason why most people are afraid to chase the race car driver dream is due to the fact that like any sport, car races are highly competitive and it takes a great deal of talent, effort and time in order to make it in this field. Perhaps it is this why some daredevils choose to engage in illegal street races in order to satisfy their thirst for adrenaline. However, there is a reason why street races are illegal and that is because they are far more dangerous than regulated races, even if the average speed of a street race is far lower than that of a regulated car race.

Car races for beginners

If you don’t have the time to pursue a career in car racing, yet you wish to satisfy your urge of racing in a safe way, there are plenty of things that you can try. For example, if you do a quick search on the internet, you will find that there are racing clubs where amateur race drivers get together and plan legal races. The safest ones are vintage car races. We say that these races are safer because vintage cars are slower than modern cars and they are also more expensive, a fact which makes the drivers more careful.

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