Can Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Relieve Back Pain?

For those who deal with stress or back pains, a massage chair is highly recommended. However, even if you don’t deal with this medical conditions you can still get a unit like that and use it in order to relax after a long day of work. The most popular chairs are the zero gravity ones, but can they actually relieve back pains? In order to find the right answer to this question, let’s see how a device like this works.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

Many people ask themselves this question. If you are one of them as well, then the answer is quite simple. In comparison with other products that are on the market nowadays, this type is called zero-gravity, due to the fact that it makes you sit in an inclined position, distributing the user’s weight across the chair. This means that you will be extremely comfortable while the unit does its job. The position is similar with the posture that astronauts take during liftoff on their space missions. However, for a better understanding, this position is also offered by sunbeds as well. The name is given by the position and not by the effect that the user feels.

What are the main features?

Zero gravity massage chairs come with an infrared body scan technology, which scans the user’s body type and then the unit automatically adjusts itself accordingly. Furthermore, they also come with a heat option, which means that your body will be heated as well during the massage, which is absolutely fantastic. With this amazing feature, you will definitely experience a deep massage and a maximum relaxation. Furthermore, the heat combined with the massage and the comfortable position will relief back pains. This is but one of the many other features with which a massage chair can come. When chopping for such a chair, compare several models and choose the one which offers the best features for the best price. For an accurate comparison, read some massage chair reviews. You can find accurate and comprehensive reviews on

How does it work on your back?

In a zero gravity chair, your legs will be raised above your heart, and your back will be positioned in a reduced stress position. Sitting like that, the massage heads will be able to apply a deeper massage. However, the position is the key to a perfect relaxation and pain relief. As you probably know, in most of the massage chairs you have to sit quite straight, and this doesn’t allow you to totally relax, and therefore, your back pains can still be there after the procedure. This is the main reason you should think about getting a zero-gravity unit when having problems with your back. Therefore, the position combined with the heat that these type of devices use will certainly help you get rid of the unpleasant back pans, and moreover, you will feel extremely relaxed.

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