Best traditional Thai Meals to Try in Thailand

Thailand is home to a lot of tourist attractions. From enthralling landscapes and monuments to majestic temples, there are lots of things to be amazed at. There’s even the fact that famed mixed martial arts Muay Thai, has its origins rooted here.

But Thai food is what Thailand is most known for; and that’s a good reason. The traditional Thai food is unique for a lot of reasons: use of chillis, herbs and an assortment of aromatic ingredients.

Let’s talk about the best traditional Thai delicacies you should have a taste of.

Tom Yum Goong

Shrimp and grains are the building blocks of this stunner. So you can be sure of high-quality fiber and proteins. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’re in for a wonderful time. Tom Yum Goong is a clear soup spruced with lemongrass, and such often has a somewhat sour taste. It’s also loaded with Chilli, so might have to order for a milder version.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai loosely means stir-fried noodles. Often served at drive-thru kiosks and cafes, Pad Thai can be eaten with any seafood, beef or chicken. There is also a veggie dish option that can be ordered from any Thai supermarket online. Pad Thai is less of spicy, and more of sweet and sour.

Som Tan

This staple Thai cuisine is so ubiquitous you cannot walk ten paces without coming across a half a dozen som tan sellers. It’s prepared using the following ingredients: crushed shaved papaya, mashed tomatoes carrots, palm sugar, peanuts, string beans, fish sauce, and a huge amount of chilies. It’s both sumptuous and fiery. It’s also very spicy. It’s so hot and delicious that even though you want to stop eating desperately, you just can’t.

Pad Grapao Moo Sab Kai Dow

This dish is basically minced pork cooked with Thai basil leaves. And being one of the more popular meals in Thai culinary culture, Pad Grapao Moo Sab Kai Dow is sold in almost every Thai restaurant. The minced pork is boiled in a wok, pot or pan, at very high heat with Thai basil leaves, chilis, garlic, soy and oyster sauce.

This classic delicacy is mostly served with Thai rice, but most people choose to order it with crispy fried egg sauce on top.

Geng Kheaw Wan Gai

This can be your best on this list. The curry and the chili are so intense that your tongue might be on fire by the time you take the fifth mouthful. There are lots of ways to eat geng kheaw wan gai. You can choose to enjoy it with either chicken, beef or vegetables. Beef isn’t so great in Thailand, so choosing the other options is probably the way to go. What makes geng kheaw wan ghai so hot is that the curry paste is made of mashed green peppers and coconut milk, along with Thai eggplant and a lot more other of the spiciest Thai ingredients you can obtain in Thailand or on shops like Asian Foodie Supermarket.

In case you want to try these delicacies at home, recipes and condiments are easily available at various Thai supermarkets online.