Best 2015 Golf Rangefinders

Getting all the support in improving your golf game is very important and every tool that can help you in the matter is priceless, so having a rangefinder in your golf bag can be a great advantage for you. This smart and precise device is specially designed to provide you with accurate information that can help you set a high score, therefore, if you are a golf passionate, you should rush and buy a rangefinder. Here is a top of three of the best golf rangefinder 2015 models that can improve your playing skills.

The golf rangefinders are electronic devices used by the golf players to perfect their ability to define the distance to a target on the golf course, like a pole or a flag. By knowing exactly how far the target is, the golfers can minimize the failure in their shots without having to calculate the distance themselves. A golf rangefinder is a must have in any golfer’s bag if they are looking for ways of turning their game into a faster and more professional one without decreasing its quality.

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder

According to the best golf rangefinder 2015 reviews, the Z6 Bushnell rangefinder is very accurate and ignores the obstacles and clutter in the background, providing you with accurate yardage. It enables you to locate the target, it vibrates the moment the target is located, it has a 6 times magnification and a Vivid red display that is easy to see even in cloudy days. The Bushnell Tour Z6 is great for pro golfers and for those who want a comfortable, attractive and performing device that offers many features at a reasonable price.

Leupold Gx-3i Series Digital Golf Rangefinder

This highly rated digital laser rangefinder is a tour certified devices that features a prism lock with the PinHunter technology that easily locks a flagstick and ignores the background obstacles. It has a ranging accuracy of +/- 0.5 yard and a maximum range for targets with prism reflector of 800 yards, 600 yards for trees and 450 yards for other targets. The Leupold Gx 3i has a fog mode for eliminating errors due to raindrops or other weather conditions and a waterproof light-weight housing.

Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder

This small and sleek device is very comfortable to hold because of its design and the anti-slip rubber case that covers it. The rangefinder offers a 600 yards accuracy and a 6 times magnification that can detect almost anything on the golf course and it allows you to focus the diopter by twisting the eyepiece. The Callaway features multi-coated optics for better visibility, multiple target acquisition and it can even distance the obstacles and different targets.

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