Amazing T-shirt trends you should try right now

Everyone wants to be a trendsetter, and let’s face it is not as difficult as you may think to do it. You only have to put together some clothes, and check the latest trend, to make sure that you do not wear clothes from the last year’s collection. One of the basic elements of every wardrobe is the T-shirt, and if you have the right models, then you are half of the way there. Take a look at the T-shirts, stars wore during the fashion weeks, and you will quickly understand what models you need in your wardrobe. But you may not have the needed money for purchasing these designer T-shirts, so you have to find a way to transform your old ones into models that meet this year’s trend.

Lace up T-shirts

There is nothing sexier that a lace-up T-shirt, but only take a look online and you will see that pretty models cost you, half of your salary. So it is a better idea to transform one of your old T-shirts into a lace-up one. You only need a pair of scissors and black rosette ribbons to customise the T-shirt. You should cut the front of the T-shirt into a V, and use ribbon to lace up the neckline.

Graphic T-shirts

In case you want to wear graphic T-shirts then you do not have to try to figure out from which online store you should buy them. There are many models on the market, and because they are a trend right now, they are quite expensive. But if you have some basic T-shirts in your wardrobe, then the best option is to print them with the graphic design you like. So, you can start looking for models, and when you consider that you find the right one, go to the print shop and in a couple of hours you will have the T-shirts you want.

Stripes T-shirts

Stripes are here to stay, and you can find them everywhere from T-shirts to pants. Therefore, if you want to wear stripped T-shirts, then you should take some basic T-shirts and sew on them stripes of ribbon. There is no other easier way to make striped clothing items, and you have the possibility to play with the width of the stripes and with the colours. Check online for inspiration, and make sure you buy ribbon from a store that offers various models, if you want to make some unique T-shirts.