A sewing machine – the perfect present for your grandmother  


Your grandmother is a special woman in your life, she has so much experience to share, and you have so many things to learn from her. Maybe she is the one that raised you, came with you on the first day of school and offered to trim her wedding dress to make it fit for you, when you played Aurora in your high school play. If you want to impress her with a present for her birthday, and she has sewing as a hobby maybe is time go and search some sewing machines reviews. When choosing a sewing machine you have to keep in view what properties you are looking for. Here are some of the top ranked sewing machines.

Brother PC420PRW  

This one can be the perfect choice either if your grandmother is a beginner, or a pro in this domain. It includes automatic features, many accessories and hundreds of stich options. This machine allows the tailor to sew all types of materials and has an optional function cutting the thread instead of the user. It has a tool tray which provides the buyer with a high range of accessories like: cleaning brush, twin needles, spool caps or screwdrivers. This beauty is computerized so, if you choose to purchase it for your grandma, you have to take your time and teach her how to use it. 

Singer 7258

If your grandmother is a beginner in the sewing domain, this one is perfect for her, offering its user the possibility of selecting the desired stich by pushing a single button. Your grandmother has not to worry about width, length and tension because they are automatically set. For the users comfort this machine can be used without the foot controller. Also, it can sew stiches in reverse with the Automatic Reverse Button. This Singer includes as accessories: an instruction manual, lint brush, a pack of needles or bobbins.

Janome DC2012

If your grandmother likes to create curtains, table cloths or any type of home decorations, then this Janome model will be a great present for her. It has a variety of features as speed control slider, easy reverse or an auto-lock button. It is a computerized machine, which has the stitches placed under a LED screen and the user can select one of it by pressing a button or two. The instructions for this model are written in the manual, which comes with it, and give a lot of details about how to use different options of it. 

Janome DC24030

This is another model designed by Janome, which is perfect for the persons who want to adjust clothes at home. What you should know about this sewing machine is that it was made in limited edition. The advantages of this machine are that it has a simple interface, makes its operations very smooth, and has an automatic needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width and foot controller.

A sewing machine is the perfect gift for a grandmother who enjoys making new things for the home or adjusting her family’s clothes. Make yours happy by buying her one for her birthday, and do not forget to do your research before purchasing one.