A City Guide for Rotterdam

Nothing is better than escaping the routine of daily life with a short trip to a new country, or a new city. Changing pace, learning new things about other cultures, enjoying unique architectures and meeting new people are activities that expand our horizons, give us perspective and charge us with new energy. And when it comes to unique places, Holland is one of the best, with its engineered structure that allows cities to exist below sea level. If you want to see and experience this, you don’t necessarily have to go to Amsterdam, which is quite populated with tourists all the time. The next best thing is Rotterdam, just as lovely and mesmerizing, second in size in the Netherlands, and one of the world’s largest ports.

The Old and The New

When you hear a city has a large port, you can expect a mixture of cultures in all areas, from architecture to cuisine; open-minded people, and definitely lots of attractions. So if want a memorable vacation, try this amazing city. What makes it known around the world is not just its vital port, but its University as well, the University of Erasmus, and Erasmus Bridge as well, a neat attraction you must visit, and a spectacular example of modern architecture and technology. In fact, all Rotterdam is to be admired for its complex architecture, which combines the modern and the old so well. Next to narrow Rotterdammer houses, tall glass buildings, fitting together nicely.

For a nice panoramic view of the city and it’s unique layout, just go to the Euromast Tower, climb up to 100 meters high, and enjoy the spectacle! Rotterdam Centraal Station should also be visited, because its special architecture is quite extraordinary. The Rotterdam Zoo and hundreds of species of animals to see, and it’s great for bad weather days as well. The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen amasses a great collection of art and paintings, from Rembrandt to Andy Warhol; Wereldmuseum also presents an impressive exhibition of art pieces from around the world.

There are many attractions in Rotterdam, including the Miniworld Rotterdam which is a fun activity for children, the Theme Park Plaswijckpark, the Show-Cube house, the Sonneveld House and its incredibly modern architecture, or Delfshaven if you want to see what authentic Dutch architecture is like. The Old Harbor will give you and idea of how port business was conducted hundreds of years ago, and a good place to admire some old ships. There are also plenty beautiful churches and cathedrals in Rotterdam, a great example being the Sint Laurenskerk. There’s plenty to do in this eclectic city, and you’ll definitely be taken out of your routine on a vacation here.

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