5 reasons why your brochures aren’t working – and how to make them better

Most retailers have to do their best in order to sell their products. Luckily, there are some visual tips that could help with selling products quick and easy. The brain processes information better when it is presented in a visual manner rather than in blocks of complicated text. The statistics are the ones that should convince you that investing more of your time and attention in creating great visuals for your store is recommended today. This article is focused on the impact of brochures used as marketing materials. You’ll read a list with the most common mistakes that people make when presenting their brochures or paper-based materials. Here’s what you should change:

You don’t invest in signage

When clients first enter a store, they can be overwhelmed by the many products they can choose from. This is the reason why you have to pay attention to signage. Signage can give customers a sense of direction and it can also be a source of information. Placing brochure stands at every category of products you sell and directing them through large, bold iconography is the best combination. Keep the key areas separated one from another.

You don’t group products

Talking about separating areas, a common mistake is not grouping products. All products have to be grouped in a certain manner so that clients can easily find what they are looking for. Also, through grouping, you can direct the attention of the buyer to something that you want to sell faster. High-selling products don’t need much promotion, but others might need greater efforts. The promotional materials are not always the ones that are faulty for the lack of sales. Small details such as these can strongly influence the profit at the end of the month.

You are not creating visual contrasts

Both the brochures themselves and the way you arrange stands around your shop should create visual contrasts. Dull places never attract the eyes of the customers and they don’t know what to pay attention to in the first place. By creating contrasts, you set the tone for sales.

You don’t use your window displays

If your shop has a lot of windows and you are not making great use of them, it is a great mistake. People who walk by the street or next to your shop will observe the windows first. If your windows are empty, no interest will be cultivated and customers will pass by. Place your brochures or any other promotional materials on your windows display. Complete the look by including the aforementioned signage materials here too.

You don’t use the appropriate marketing materials

If your stand placement is flawless and you applied all the tips above, then there might be something wrong with the way your marketing materials are designed. Make sure that your brochures and other promotional materials respect the latest design principles. Visually pleasing materials are a must for good sales. Content matters too, so hiring a copywriter to put the message together is a good choice.