2015 Hair Color Ideas

In 2015, you will have access to a wide range of hair paint colors due to the fact that the new seasons proved to be versatile and interesting. Let yourself be seduced by the smooth brown or the bold red and black hair color ideas 2015 brings and choose the ones that favor your face features.
Be they light or dark hair color ideas, subtle reflections of red, copper or copper-red, shades of brown, mahogany or beige will be the most appreciated. These are basically those shades that play in almost identical manner the wonderful show of nature. These colors are great for highlighting cute hairstyles.

If in 2014, ombre style set the tone for your hairstyling, this year the gradients are no longer in the top trends, being replaced by dark hair color ideas with warm, reddish, spicy, and cinnamon reflexes. Blond remain in trends, but “matched” with hints of beige and gold. And if you want to really stand out, chic stripes in strong colors such as purple, blue or green contrast even with dark brown or medium blond hair colors.

Natural brown shades, ranking no.1 in top choices

Ever since last season, specialists showed signs that dark hair was no longer among their favorites. Returning to nature urged them to turn their attention to dark brown and light brown shade, as well as chocolate reflections made their presence felt on the runway, shy but seductive. Therefore, you can sweeten your face features with such rich hair color ideas.

Color accents make a sensation among hairstyle trends

If uniform colors have never been your thing and you want to try something exciting and daring this year, now is the time, since 2015 includes intense accents among hair colors. Stars from abroad have ennobled their hair with pink, deep blue, green or turquoise shades, but you can also combine red and black hair color ideas or you can go for a slight touch of purple in order to create the same impact, only in a much neater way.

Copper, among the star hair colors in 2015

If you are looking for the color which will bring the most of all cute hairstyles, than you should definitely focus on copper. If in the past dark and intense red have been among the favorites, this year brings the seductive copper red in the top of the list. Offering dynamism, feminism and a sexy and playful touch, this color is perfect especially if you have light skin tone, a few cute freckles and green or brown eyes.

The always fashionable blonde

Blonde shades are also trendy in 2015, so you should not hesitate to ennoble your hair with one of its many shades. Platinum blond shades of honey and champagne are the next year’s stars. Usually, these hair colors favor women with light skin tone and green or blue eyes.

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