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May 2000 Volume 10 Number 17

From Catfish to Black Bears, San Juan County has it All!
Most people familiar with San Juan County think of Monument Valley, Lake Powell, the four corners, and the Navajo Indian Reservation...basically, hot, dry deserts and vast empty spaces with little wildlife, human inhabitants, or water. Of course, San Juan County does have all of these features; however, it also harbors some of Utah's best-kept hunting and fishing secrets.


Alexandria Bay State Parks Offer Close-Up View of St. Lawrence River
It would be difficult to find another place in America where so many State Parks are grouped together so tightly. New York's Thousand Islands Region, birthplace of one of the most popular salad dressings, is also home to one of the most dramatic waterways on earth. An interesting trip would be to include half a dozen or more parks, connected by boat and roadway, enjoying the unique opportunities offered by each.


Recreation in Utah's San Juan County
From its historical roots with the Ancient Ones to today's mountain bikers, rafters, and explorers, Utah's San Juan County has drawn outdoor enthusiasts like bees to a hive. The list of "things to do" is almost endless, but the range touches nearly every outdoors interest. From photography to hiking, to car touring, 4-wheel, and off-road possibilities, to more traditional activities such as hunting and fishing, San Juan County and the Canyonlands area offer something for every season. 

Sites and Sights in Utah's San Juan County

Visitors to San Juan County are stepping into the largest county in the Bee Hive State, and one of the largest in the west. Together with Grand County, the two counties contain almost all of the more well-known parks and visitors' areas which form the state's "red-rock" reputation. It contains all or part of five National Parks and Monuments, two State Parks, seven Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Recreational Sites, and two areas of national forests. 


We now have our guide to all 54 U.S. National Parks. For each park you'll find a map, park overview, history, activities, attractions, services and reservation information.

San Juan County, Utah

Martinsburg, NY

No pictures are like pictures from the area of the Canyonlands. The setting--as viewed from car or visitor center--is like no other in the world. Almost all backdrops are of red and colorful sandstone, most carved by river and wind into shapes that exist only here.

-Jeep Journeys 


San Juan County, Utah

San Juan County, Utah


San Juan County, Utah

Arches, prehistoric Indian ruins, petroglyphs, and scenery are attractions of this area. Few paved roads are a delight to 4-wheeled vehicle drivers; good bets include Angel Arch, Druid Arch, and Elephant Hill.

-Jeep Journeys 






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